Carol Smaldino: A Torn Valentine

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Carol Smaldino posted a new article on her Huffington Post blog, reflecting about ambivalent feelings of many people around Valentine’s Day.

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New Book Published by Dignity Press: “Decolonizing Peace” by Victoria Fontan

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Decolonizing Peace is finally out with Dignity Press! Decolonizing peace, offers a vivid critique of what Victoria refers to as the “peace industry” and the neo-colonial Northern addiction to helping, hence infantilizing, the Global South. The… Continue reading

Article on Ecocide

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What Is Ecocide?

Ecocide is, according to Polly’s definition, “the extensive damage to, destruction of or loss of ecosystem(s) of a given territory, whether by human agency or by other causes, to such… Continue reading

Article: Exposing the Transnational Ruling Class

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The Global 1%: Exposing the Transnational Ruling Class
by Peter Phillips and Kimberly Soeiro

Censored Notebook Aug 13, 2012


Abstract: This study asks Who are the the world’s 1 percent power elite? And to what… Continue reading

Article: Should Trees Have Standing?

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Journal of Human Rights and the Environment, Vol. 3 Special Issue, 2012, pp. 2–3 Foreword On being 40: a celebration of ‘Should Trees Have Standing?’
Philippe Sands
Professor of Law, University College London, UK

Few law… Continue reading

Editorial: Forced Migration and Displacement During the Arab Spring

Journal of Internal Displacement.

This is to notify you that Volume 2, Number 2 of the JID is released.

Table of Contents
Editorial: Forced Migration and Displacement During the Arab Spring
Veronica P. Fynn
JID (2012), Vol. 2 No. 2,… Continue reading

New Book: Children, Citizenship and Environment

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New Book: Children, Citizenship and Environment
Nurturing a Democratic Imagination in a Changing World
By Bronwyn Hayward

Children growing up today are confronted by four difficult and intersecting challenges: dangerous environmental change, weakening democracies, growing social inequality,… Continue reading

Articles Relating to the “Arab Spring”

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Disquiet and despair: the gender sub-texts of the “Arab spring”Published on openDemocracy ( Deniz Kandiyoti [1] , 26 June 2012

The extreme precariousness of women’s rights in post- Arab spring successor regimes can neither be fully… Continue reading

Looking Beyond Rio, Towards Degrowth

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Looking Beyond Rio, Towards Degrowth
by Charles Eisenstein on 1st July 2012

You know folks, I’m a bit worried about my 16-year-old son, Jimi. When he was 13, he grew three inches. When he was 14,… Continue reading

From ‘Common Goods’ to the ‘Common Good of Humanity’ by François Houtart

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Please find below a link to works of Francois Houtart.

This text, prepared by Francois Houtart, was presented by Francine Mestrum to the confe-rence From ‘Common Goods’ to the ‘Common Good of Humanity’, organized by the Rosa… Continue reading