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List of people contributing to our film project

ESTA TINA OTTMAN, Director and Coordinator of World Films for Equal Dignity and our Filmdays, and also a Member of the HumanDHS Global Core Team.
Born in Manchester, UK, and educated at Oxford University, Tina Ottman is the daughter of a German Kindertransport refugee, and has worked in teaching, journalism and publishing for over two decades. She lived for around a decade in Israel as a new immigrant, and has now been lecturing at Japanese universities for 11 years.
Currently Tina Ottman is associate professor at the School of Government (in the School of Law) at Kyoto University, Japan. She attempts to balance research interests in Israel/Palestine/gender with labour activism, and is a coordinator of the Japan conference series Peace as A Global Language.

ULRICH SPALTHOFF, Technical Director and Coordinator of World Films for Equal Dignity and our Filmdays, and he is also a Member in the HumanDHS Global Core Team.
Uli Spalthoff (Dr. rer. nat.) studied chemistry in Mainz and Münster, Germany. After some years in industrial research on optical communication technologies he held various positions dealing with marketing, quality management, technology strategy and innovation management at Alcatel-Lucent in Germany and France. His activities as Director Advanced Technologies included - as a member of a truly global team - mentoring of start-ups and consulting high-tech companies in IT, telecommunication and semiconductor industries from countries all over the world. [read more]

DHARM P. S. BHAWUK, also a Member of the HumanDHS Advisory Board, and a Member in the HumanDHS Global Core Team.
Dr. Dharm P. S. Bhawuk (Ph. D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) is a Professor of Management and Culture and Community Psychology at the University of Hawai'i, Manoa, Honolulu. He has research interests in indigenous psychology and management, cross-cultural training, intercultural sensitivity, diversity in the workplace, individualism and collectivism, culture and creativity, and spirituality. He is originally from Nepal, and has published more than 60 papers and book chapters and made more than 150 presentations at internationally at conferences universities. He has edited special issues of journals on Globalization and Diversity (IJIR, 2008, volume 32, no. 4) and Indian Psychology (PDS, 2010, volume 22, no. 1).  He is the author of the book Spirituality and Indian Psychology: Models from the Bhagavad-Gita (Springer, 2011) and co-editor of the book Asian Contributions to Cross-Cultural Psychology (Sage, 1996). He has received many awards including Best Paper Award from the Academy of Management (2009 and 1996), the Distinguished Service Award from the East West Center (1989), and the Lum Yup Key Outstanding MBA Student Award from the University of Hawai‘i  (1990). He is a Founding Fellow of the International Academy for Intercultural Research and was H Smith Richardson, Jr. Visiting Fellow, Center for Creative Leadership for 2009-10. (bhawuk[@][read more]

Judit Revesz graduated from ELTE School of Law Budapest, Hungary in 1998 and practiced litigation and corporate law for a year in Hungary. She then studied conflict resolution and mediation at Columbia University, Teachers College, in New York in 2001. Ms. Revesz subsequently worked as a mediator in New York on cases referred by the Small Claims Court. In this capacity she experienced how mediation actually fulfills the deepest meaning of conflict resolution for all parties as opposed to only litigation. She also worked as a facilitator on numerous conflict resolution courses and trainings at Teachers College and at the United Nations. Currently she is involved with the Center for Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies and she holds a legal assistant position in an international New York based law firm.

Kjell Skyllstad is Professor Emeritus at the Department of Music and Theater of the University of Oslo in Norway. He is Member of the Executive Committee of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas (ISSEI). [...]
Kjell Skyllstad has done research on the history of racism in a cultural perspective and on the effect of a multicultural school music program on the prevention of racial conflict. [read more]

Gerd Inger Polden looks back on many years of experience as a journalist with the Norwegian television, NRK. Gerd Inger studied languages at the University of Bergen and obtained her specialization in television work through internal courses at the NRK. Since 1974, she has produced/directed numerous TV-programs and has created documentary films for educational purposes and on general affairs.
Gerd Inger Polden’s documentaries are characterized by a critical stance towards social problems. She has particularly focused on the status of women and minorities. [read more]


Nefise Özkal Lorentzen (born 1964 in Ankara, Turkey), Turkish / Norrwegian film director living in Norway. She has a B. A. in political science ( Bosphorous University, Istanbul, Turkey) and a M.A in Media and Communication (University of Oslo). In addition to making films, she has also written several books.


Sultan H. Somjee is an Ethnographer. His research interests include visual arts and oral cultures in expressions of social values, aesthetics, identities and spiritual beliefs. Sultan’s work profile includes community perspectives in contexts of conflicts, changing political circumstances and governmental policies. [...] Sultan was the Head of Ethnography at the National Museums of Kenya and is the founder of Community Peace Museums Programme and Foundation and the Asian African Heritage Trust in Kenya. [...] In 2001, the United Nations honoured Sultan with the recognition of the Unsung Hero of Dialogue among Civilizations. [read more]

Cyrien Kanamugire was born in 1955 in Butare in the south of Rwanda. He studied law at the University of Kigali, where he obtained his "Licence en Droit." A long time journalist, he in the beginning of the nineties worked with the Tribun du Peuple, then with the Catholic journal Kinyamateka, where, since 1999, he is one of the organizers of the Tribune Libre. During the years of war, he joined the Front Patriotique, where he was a journalist with the Radio des Rebelles. [...]
Currently, Cyrien Kanamugire is working with the Kinyamateka journal and the Inkiko-Gacaca journal, he is furthermore an observer-adviser for the Gacaca jurisdiction in the Province of Kibuye on the edges of the Lake Kivu. [read more]

Mette Newth was born in Oslo in 1942 and received her education from the National College of Art and Design in Oslo and the National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo. She is an author, illustrator, translator. [...] Currently Mette Newth holds several honorary positions, such as Member of the Advisory Council to the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, and Board Member of The Human Rights House Foundation. She is the Project Leader and Chair of the International Steering Committee for the Beacon for Freedom of Expression, an international bibliographic data base on censorship and freedom of expression through the ages - a gift from Norway to the new library of Alexandria. [read more]
Lucien Logette has been the editor of Jeune Cinéma in Paris since four decades. In 2004, he is a Member of the Panel that chooses French films for the Cannes festival.

Brynjar Bjerkem is a cultural anthropologist (hovedfag, University of Oslo 1991) based in Oslo. Since 1992 he has been involved in different initiatives in the presentation and exchange of international art and culture. He is the Head of Programming at Du store verden! (DSV), a cultural exchange network. Brynjar Bjerkem is furthermore Member in the Programme Committee of the Oslo Films from the South festival featuring a special on Asian cinema. He is also Co-founder and Member of the Board of the Films from the South festival and Member of the Board of the Cosmopolite Concert Hall in Oslo.






Erga Netz

ERGA NETZ and IZZY (ISIDORE) ABRAHAMI (18th April 1930 - 1st April 2013, but always with us in our hearts!)
Izzy Abrahami (film director, published author) and Erga Netz (producer, editor) started working together in May 1988.
In 1993 they have created the limited company CHEE-KA-CHEE bv which engages in the production of TV documentaries, sitcoms, drama and TV game shows (the branch called ABRAHAMI-NETZ TV PRODUCTIONS) and in the development of board games, computer games, publications of books, and much, much more (see "Special Projects"). The company prides itself for having created award-winning programs, which, as the years go by, prove to have a very long shelf life. (See "Screenings")
In 2003 they opened a new production line of fiction films for theatrical release, called Abrahami-Netz Productions. The first film is the romantic road movie comedy "A Bend in the Road."
Since the creation of the company Abrahami and Netz have produced over a dozen creative documentaries, in co-production with various Dutch broadcasters, such as NPS, AVRO, RVU, EO, NIK and also with foreign broadcasters such as Czech Television and Israeli television (IETV). The team takes pride in the fact that their creative documentaries seem to have a longer shelf life than most others. Since they tend to tell personal stories in a very wide context, their documentaries seem to touch people far and wide. Broadcasters see the relevance of the programs years after they’ve been produced; the programs are invited to festivals and special screenings; the company gets requests daily to purchase its documentaries via this web site.
Abrahami-Netz’ documentaries are broadcast all over the world, in countries such as the USA, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Israel and Japan. A number of their documentaries have also won awards in festivals in the USA, Spain, Monaco, Italy and Bulgaria.
Besides, the team of Abrahami-Netz has written a number of feature-film scripts, developed a sit-com (commissioned by Endemol, Germany) and independently produced a 22 min. romantic comedy, an experimental film. On top of all that, they've also invented a word-game, which was produced as a board game by Ravensburger and is now distributed in the Benelux by King International, under the name of LEX. This game was also developed as a television and a Teletext game and as such it was broadcast by RTL in Holland in 1995. Currently in development as an educational TV game show as well as an Internet game site.




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Rajul Mehta works as a communications consultant, graphic designer and photographer in Bombay and New York. She began her career with creative work in advertising, and wanted to put her skills to better use. Her strong visual sense drew her to work with moving images in the late '80s, and she acquired a Master of Design degree in Visual Communication from Industrial Design Centre at IIT, Bombay in 1988. She further specialised in film and video camerawork at New York University in 1993. Rajul is an award-winning filmmaker whose documentary Kumbharwada, Bombay (Potters' Colony) celebrates the spirit of life in a potters' colony located in the largest slums in Asia. This film was screened at 35 international film festivals in over 70 major cities in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, winning 13 awards along the way. Her credits range from director of photography to art director on many documentaries and independent feature projects. Her filmography includes camerawork for "Marathon Runners of South Africa," and "Two Way TV: Viewers Talk About Leona's Sister Gerri" which was broadcast on PBS. Her public service campaigns promoting literacy and empowerment of women, and against killing of the female foetus, have all won national recognition in India.
Rajul expects her upcoming documentary on Elder Abuse to be an eye-opener for many and hopes that it will be a catalyst for positive change. Her future plans include ethnographic, cultural, biographical, human rights, ageing, children's and women's issues.