World Literature for Equal Dignity


Zuzana Luckay Mihalcinova, Project Leader


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Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS) is primarily grounded in academic work. However, we wish to bring academic work into "real life" as well. Our research focuses on topics such as dignity (with humiliation as its violation), or, more precisely, on respect for equal dignity for all human beings in the world. This is not only our research topic, however, but also our core value, in line with Article 1 of the Human Rights Declaration that states that every human being is born with equal dignity (that ought not be humiliated). We agree with Shibley Telhami, Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development, who advocates the building of bridges from academia as follows, "I have always believed that good scholarship can be relevant and consequential for public policy. It is possible to affect public policy without being an advocate; to be passionate about peace without losing analytical rigor; to be moved by what is just while conceding that no one has a monopoly on justice." We would like to add that we believe that good scholarship can be relevant and consequential not only for public policy, but for raising awareness in general.

With our Literature for Equal Dignity page, we would like to show how writers use literature to work for a world of more dignity and decency. We look for interested people, who would like to develop our WLiteratureED page. Please see our Call for Creativity.

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World Culture Open Centers (WCO Centers) facilitate the growth and development of individuals and communities by offering free space for the practice of creative arts, holistic wellbeing and humanitarian service. The Centers provide a platform for users to create, explore, learn and contribute their knowledge and skills in an environment of harmonious cultural exchange. The Centers are offered free of charge to users in order to foster a movement of sharing and a sense of ownership among members of the WCO community.
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Literature On Alert
In a programme called Literature On Alert, Mexican Police officers in Nezahualcoyotl take part in literature workshops, chess and PE to broaden their minds and improve the force's reputation, Guardian Unlimited reports. [...]
"The principle is that a police officer who is cultured is in a better position to be a better police officer," says JosÃCreative Commona Jorge Amador, Neza's head of public security. He claims that there has been a drop in crime, for which he credits the "cultural dimension". He is proud of the drop of the city's car theft national ranking from No 3 to No 8 over the past three years.
The experiment began early in 2005. All the 1,200 officers of the municipal force are required to attend fortnightly book groups for any hope of promotion...
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