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The Face of Jizo: A Story that Takes Place in Hiroshima

A Public Reading of Hisashi Inoue's Play
井上ひさし作 ロジャー・パルバース訳 「父と暮せば」
The Face of Jizo
Translated by Roger Pulvers

Reading followed by the Testimony of an Atomic Bomb Survivor

Presented by Vancouver Save Article 9 / Sponsored by Komatsu-za, and Hidankyo in conjunction with the World Peace Forum (June 23 – 28 worldpeaceforum.ca)

7:30 PM - 9:00 PM, Sunday June 25th, 2006
At Roundhouse Community Centre
@ Pacific & Davie in Yaletown
Admission is free. Donations to recoup the costs of this event will be appreciated.

The story takes place in Hiroshima, three years after the devastating World War II bombing attack. Twenty-three year old Mitsue, who has survived the attack, is visited by the spirit of her dead father, Takezo, who expresses support for her recent romance. Mistue, overwhelmed by the guilt of having survived the bomb, tries to suppress her feelings, but Takezo tries to convince Mitsue that she deserves a happy life. This play, filled with tears and laughter, has been successfully produced for many years in Japan and several other countries, including Hong Kong, Russia and France, by Komatsu-za, Inoue's theatre group. The English script, translated by Roger Pulvers, will be read by Vancouver’s own Manami Hara and Hiro Kanagawa. The reading will be followed by the moving testimony of a survivor of Hiroshima’s A-bomb.

For more information, contact:
Vancouver Save Article 9 604-619-5627 or satoko.norimatsu@uwc.net

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