Training Opportunity with BBC Arabic

Dear HumanDHS network friends

Please find below an opportunity for training with BBC Arabic.

Kind regards
Brian Ward

BBC Arabic – Training Opportunity

BBCArabic is looking into the idea of identifying talented broadcasters from a pool of those who have recently begun a career in media but who may not yet have had the chance to work in a news environment, and offering them a one year training opportunity.

The potential candidates should:

– Have the ability to read and write Modern Standard Arabic.

– Have the ability to translate into modern standard Arabic (from English)

– Have a first degree, preferably but not necessarily in journalism or media and communication.

Any feedback you have on this idea would be most welcome.

If you know of anyone personally that may be interested in this, please ask them to send a CV and an A4 paper IN ARABIC explaining why they would like to have this training opportunity and what they think they would be able to offer BBC Arabic.

Alternatively if you have any suggestions of other contacts (e.g. university departments) who may be interested in such a scheme, please feel free to either forward this message or send me their names and e-mail addresses and I will send it to them.

The CV and the cover letter should be sent to my email address:

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely
Jenny Dunbar

PA to Hosam El Sokkari

Head of BBC Arabic Network
4th Floor Egton Wing Portland Place

London W1 1AA

( +44 (0) 207 765 0237

Fax +44 (0) 207 765 2012

* jenny.dunbar[@]

4 Responses to Training Opportunity with BBC Arabic

  • Heba ahmed says:

    Hi all
    I want to inquire about this trainig,i’m working as a cabin crew in british airways is it possible to take this trainig now or it has been finished

  • Please direct your question directly to the organizers! Thank you.

  • ibrahim says:

    when you often organise these courses?

  • Ashrakat says:

    Hii, I’m studying international relations at university of Essex. I’m an undergraduate student and I would like to work as a Tv presenter after graduation. So I would like to ask if there is any training courses would be available for me in order to enhance my skills and be a positive thing to be added in my CV.
    Thanks in advance.

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