World Children’s Festival in Washington in June 2007

June 23-26, 2007 ▫ Washington DC
sent to us from Ashfaq Ishaq

The world largest celebration of children’s creativity and imagination will take place in June at the most
prestigious public venue in the world – The National Mall in Washington, DC.

On June 23-25, the World Children’s Festival will occupy from 4th to 7th Streets of the National Mall
between the National Gallery of Art and the National Air and Space Museum. Hosted every four years
by the International Child Art Foundation (ICAF), the Festival is a culmination of ICAF’s global art
program in which more than 3 million children in 100 countries are currently participating.
The program commenced in 2005 with structured lesson plans distributed free of charge to school
districts, ministries of education, and art, sport and cultural organizations worldwide. The lesson plan
leads to painting and digital art competitions on the theme My Favorite Sport to celebrate the “artistathlete”
ideal. At the individual level, the program encourages artistically inclined children to engage in
physical activities and inspires athletically inclined children to think creatively. At the community level,
the program develops in children the empathy invoked through art and the team spirit instilled through
sport to promote trust and cooperation.

ICAF partners that have to date concluded their national segment of the program include:
Brazil – Canal Futura TV
China – Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation
Costa Rica – Ministry of Education
Croatia – Ministry of Education
Egypt – National Museum of Children’s Art
Ethiopia – African Child Policy Forum
India – Chandana Art Foundation International
Israel – Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
Italy – Carpe Diem and RAI/SAT
Oman – Ministry of Education
UAE – Sharjah Supreme Council for Family Affairs
Deanna Hodgson (age 12) UK finalist
Festival Objectives

The Festival showcases children’s creativity, imagination and talent; equips them with communication,
collaboration and leadership skills; and promotes mutual respect and trust as a foundation to future
peace-building initiatives. American children will host their international counterparts, serving as youth
ambassadors to advance U.S. public diplomacy objectives. Educational programming draws upon
ICAF’s Peace through Art approach featured in the December 2006 issue of The Lancet.

Key Festival objectives are to:
􀂃 Showcase children’s creativity, imagination and talents
􀂃 Give voice to children on issues and interests of common concern
􀂃 Introduce children to the power of their collective creativity
􀂃 Build bonds of trust and cooperation between American children and the world’s children
􀂃 Demonstrate benefits of integrating art, sport and digital technologies
􀂃 Promote the concept of the “artist-athlete” as a symbol of healthy living
􀂃 Provide creative leadership training and connect current and future leaders

June 23-26, 2007 ▫ Washington DC
ICAF, 1350 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036, USA, Tel. +1 202 530 1000, Fax + 1 202 530 1080,

Festival on the Mall
The World Children’s Festival on the National Mall on June 23-25 from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm will be free
and open to the public. U.S. state and national competition winners, their teachers and parents will
come together on the National Mall to generate and share a unique 21st century learning experience.
Based on attendance at ICAF’s previous festivals in 1999 and 2003, participation of more than 10,000
attendees is expected.

The fusion of art, sport and technology with dance and musical performances,
co-creation of art, and workshops on peace education and creative leadership,
make the Festival a complete synesthetic experience – a total work of art that
transforms the National Mall.

Daily Festival themes are:
Saturday, June 23: Health & Environment Day
Sunday, June 24: Creativity & Imagination Day
Monday, June 25: Peace & Leadership Day

Educational Pavilions at the Festival
World Stage for Children – stage performance and production by children
Global Cultural Exposition – showcases for international understanding
Digital Media & Design Studio – design education and 21st century IT skills
Sports & Health Arena – practices for sound mind and body
Peace through Art Workshop – applications of peace education
Arts & Crafts Atelier – participatory learning of creative indigenous traditions
Visions of Self in Motion Exhibition – My Favorite Sport” art displays
Earth & Environment Center – earth’s health and monitoring its future
Festival Classroom – learning creative community leadership
Global Momentum

Examples of points of activity around the world building a global momentum in 2006 for the Festival are:
Dakar, December 20-27 – National exhibition of Senegalese winners at UNESCO office
Lisbon, October 17-29 – ICAF exhibition at the Museu de Cidade
Munich, May 27-31 – ICAF’s European Children’s Festival at the Olympia Park
Zagreb, March 24-25 – First Lady Milka Mesic presents awards to Croatian winners
Rome, February 28 – Vice Mayor Maria Pia Garavaglia presents awards to Italian winners
Children’s Awards Ceremony

At a dinner banquet on Tuesday, June 26, Creativity for Peace Awards will be presented to the
Festival’s nominated future leaders. The children will present World Children’s Awards to business,
cultural and political leaders who inspire and guide them through their Festival experience.

ICAF serves as the national art and creativity organization for American children and the international
art and creativity organization for the world’s children. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in
1997, ICAF employs the power of the arts for the development of children’s creativity and empathy –
preconditions for a better world.

Make Your Mark
You are cordially invited to the World Festival on the National Mall on June 23-25. To build bonds of
trust and cooperation between American children and children around the world, please make a taxdeductible
donation to ICAF by check or online at

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