New Book: 42 Rules for Creating WE

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Please find below information on a new book 42 Rules for Creating WE, soon to be available for purchase.

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New Book: 42 Rules for Creating WE

(147 Pages; Publisher – Happy About – September 17th 2009)

More about Judith Glaser here

42 Rules for Creating WE is a new book edited and co-authored by Judith E. Glaser, CEO of Benchmark Communications, Inc. and co-founder of the Creating WE Institute, along with 18 others from the Creating WE Institute.

42 Rules for Creating WE will be available on September 17th on Amazon, however when purchasing the book on the 17th through the Creating WE Institute’s website ( ), buyers will also get a special Neuroscience of WE download with very helpful information about the science behind the book and explains how: appreciation shapes our neural networks, how our brains are designed to be social and how pain and pleasure are integrally linked to social rejection and inclusion.

Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry, stated, “It took Napoleon Hill nearly 25 years to write his legendary guidebook for individual success, ‘Think and Grow Rich.’ Judith E. Glaser and her Creating WE Institute colleagues have written today’s greatest guide for team success, and it will soon be read by 6,200 Burberry employees worldwide. This exceptional guidebook has arrived at the perfect time to help lead Burberry and myself even further toward achieving our dreams.”

42 Rules for Creating WE focuses on how to have difficult conversations in ways that strengthen rather than erode relationships – from delivering the truth to having the courage to trump adversity and fear with new perspectives.

Candid, transparent and co-creating conversations are especially important today, as business leaders struggle to tackle what may appear to be insurmountable challenges. When we’re in crisis, people often fear speaking up, and avoid having difficult and emotional conversations. These moments – when an organization’s culture, leadership, and brand integrity are at a high risk of eroding – are our most important teaching moments.

42 Rules for Creating WE is based on the newest research from an emerging field called the “Neuroscience of WE.” The book debunks the conventional wisdom that suggests it is better to learn to control and manage our emotions rather than to express them. In reality, not only does suppressing or ignoring our emotions fail to improve our relationships, it actually adds additional tension to them. Instead of promoting this misconceived notion, the book discusses how to recognize the powerful human needs behind our emotions and how to address them in a manner that optimizes our ability to form healthy relationships and WE-centric cultures.

42 Rules for Creating WE is divided into 7 themes on the most important aspects of WE-Centric leadership:

Shatter Old Paradigms: Our brain’s prefrontal cortex is designed to help us invent new worlds that never existed before. Sometimes we get stuck in old ways of thinking which trap us into seeing the world only one way – the way we are used to. Yet, we have the power to shift our mindset – surprisingly with the help of our heart brain: Rule #4: Live In Your Heart Zone

Acknowledge the “I” Inside the “WE”: Human beings have a need to be loved, honored, respected, and valued. When we meet these needs, we quell the fears that emerge from our reptilian brain or amygdala, the part of our brain responsible for the universal “fight or flight” reaction, and we are able to connect with others in positive ways. Rule #8: Seek to Mine for Value

Understand What Moves People: We feel diminished and rejected when others judgmentally label us and say “no” to our ideas or requests too often. Human beings thrive on communicating – it creates a feeling of belonging and releases oxytocin – our bonding hormone – which energizes our spirits and ignites our passion. Rule #12: Harness Collective Wisdom

Foster Integrity, Candor and Caring: Human beings are seekers of truth and wisdom. We feel our best, with ourselves and with others, when we feel we can say what is on our minds with transparency and trust. Our heart brain – our oldest brain – and our prefrontal cortex – our newest brain – thrive on trust and when trust is achieved in relationships, these two brain regions release a cascade of hormones that bolster our physical and mental well-being. Rule #17: Tell It Like it Is

Pull Instead of Push: We don’t like to be forced into doing things we don’t want to do. We resist, we rebel or we reluctantly cave in and go along while leaving behind any passion or heart. Imagine how great your workplace could be if you and others shifted from compliance to commitment, from dominance and force to inspired engagement. Rule #25: Seek Engagement Not Compliance

Realize How Words Create Worlds: Human beings are the only mammals with the FOXP2 gene, which gives us language, symbols, and complex ways for communicating. Our words, therefore, create the lenses through which we see the world. That is why every word we use defines how we see each other, defines how we feel about each other and defines what emotions we feel. Rule #33: Advocate for Needs Not Means

Expand Belief Systems and Perspectives: Human beings learn, grow and nourish each other through every conversation. Conflict arises when we think ‘me’ and now “WE” or when we focus on what doesn’t work. Instead follow Rule #40: Focus on What Works

For more information contact: Judith E. Glaser, jeglaser[@] and visit Benchmark Communications, Inc.’s website: as well as .

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