Judith E. Glaser Looks for Like-Minded Consultants

Dear HumanDHS Friends!
Please see the message from Judith E. Glaser further down! She looks for like-minded consultants.
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Dear Colleagues:

Over the past 27 years I’ve been working on unlocking organizational and interpersonal energy. This journey has taken me down many pioneering paths – some alone and others walks with colleagues and partners. The most exciting and fruitful paths seem to be when I am walking side-by-side another colleague whose quest for wisdom is deep and wide, and whose heart is open to share what they are learning with others.

This year, through the magical combustion that comes from the co-creation process, my work opened up to birth some very exciting next generation thinking around how we learn, grow and nourish each other. First, an incredible human being – Louise van Rhyn – a practitioner in South Africa – invited me to visit her incredible world and speak to leaders, politicians and practitioners about The DNA of Leadership and Vital Conversations. Louise’s efforts to bring together over 600 people created conversations about our common humanity, started my new quest to find like-minded colleagues who are focusing on finding new ways to transform the world – one conversation at a time.

This work evolved into a multi-day summit on engagement and innovation, and was experience by over 300 executives and HR professional at a launch event at Queens University at Charlotte. We have been asked to continue offering these summits and are planning to have a few more in the US over the next 12-18 months.

My colleagues Peg Aldridge, Nancy Ring, and John Bennett, Chair of the Communications Department at Queens, were integral to the co-creation process. Some of the tools, models and key learnings are now part of an Innovation Toolkit which has my most pioneering work to date.

Also, during the past 6 months, while designing the Innovation Summit, I worked with another colleague, Stan Labovitz, to put my DNA assessment onto the Infotool platform, and made this available to attendees of the Summit, and then subsequently to 600 leaders in government. The tool is enabling us to see inside of the dynamics and DNA of a culture to come out with diagnostic assessments of what is creating health and wealth in an organization. The insights from the assessment are astounding, and provide ways to see inside an organization in the same way an x-ray can see what is going on inside of the human being.

I would like to create an opportunity in the future, for other practitioners to participate in future summits – to expose people in the DNA Assessment/powered by Infotool… and to immerse leaders in working with the models, thinking and wisdom behind this emerging body of work…

Over the next few months I’ll be working with my colleagues who design conferences to help get this off the ground. One such event will be the week of October 8-12th, 2007 in Connecticut. I’ll keep you informed about this event as it progresses… it will be targeted towards high level professional and practitioners.

In the meantime, I’d like to send people to my website ( to see more about The DNA Assessment (there is a PDF to download about the tool), and am also attaching one of the conversational tools – The Gauge and The Arc of Engagement – a sample of what we are unveiling.

Please let me know if you are interested in learning more.

Best wishes,


Judith E. Glaser, CEO
Benchmark Communications, Inc.
Author: Creating We & The DNA of Leadership
Liminal Faculty & Board Member
116 Central Park South 9-D
New York, NY 10019

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