Life Below And Above: A Tribute to the 33 Miners

Dear HumanDHS friends,

our dear friend Prof. Francisco Gomes de Matos today sent us a poem (see below), dedicated to the the 33 Miners in Chile. Today is a very special day to them.

Let me take this opportunity to remind you to our special pages featuring poems by Francesco. For me, these poems are a deep source of thoughts about human dignity. Please have a look at an overview page with links to many poems and our pages on World Language for Equal Dignity: Poetry – The Humanizing, Dignifying Way.

Kind regards,
Uli Spalthoff

Life Below And Above: A Tribute to the 33 Miners

by Francisco Gomes de Matos, a peace linguist from Recife, Brazil

Technology and Faith worked hand in hand
the lives of 33 miners in Chile to save
Courage and Hope moved rocks and sand
the way to the surface helped to pave

Rescue efforts were admirably effective
as the whole world compassionately could see
The miners` message was deeply affective:
Alive and well we have the supreme right to be

33 miners underground had to live
in conditions so hard to withstand
Determination always has much to give
is the first lesson for us to understand

For all of Humankind, Life is expected to be fully lived
but for the 33 miners, their Life had, in a way, to be relived
What those dignifying human beings in Copiapó have shown
is that, with deep solidarity, the beauty of Humanity has grown

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