Conscious Connectivity – Creating Dignity in Conversation

By Michelle Brenner

About the author:
Michelle has been working for over 20 years in the field of conflict resolution. She was one of the first to do post graduate work in Conflict Resolution in Australia and one of the first to have a full time job as a mediator in local government. She has since worked as a mediator and conflict analyst within the government, health area, police force, family practice and non-for-profit organisations. She draws on her work experience, multi disciplinary research, life experiences and her Chassidic community of scholars and literature.

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Rarely do I find a book that is both ground breaking and well grounded in theory and understanding.   Conscious Connectivity extends communication skills and assertiveness in a novel direction that should become the standard in the field. “

Frederic Luskin, Ph.D.    Director Stanford University Forgiveness Projects

Authored by Michelle Brenner
Contributions by Mohamed Dukuly, Carmen Hetaraka, Mick Collins, Andrea Bianchi, Sonia Anderson, Kingsley Okoro, Rhett Diessner

Artwork by Marc Adamus
Forword Kahu Kauila Clark
This book is a comprehensive approach to assertiveness and its role in communication. The author, Michelle Brenner, draws on extensive experience as a mediator and conflict resolution consultant. The book offers a framework for understanding the history of assertiveness as well as the role that assertiveness plays in communication. By introducing a holistic paradigm and a set of tools for practical engagement, ‘Conscious Connectivity’ reveals ways for creating dignity in conversation. Dignity that relates to the interaction of cultural and personal moral perception. With contributions from academics to capture a wide perspectives of holistic practices and their application. The forward, by Hawaiian traditional healing practitioner, Kahuna Kauila Clark affirms the value for ‘making things right’.

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