Humiliation and Terrorism: In the Aftermath of the 22nd July and the Urgent Significance of the Notion of Equality in Dignity or Likeverd, by Evelin Lindner

Dear HumanDHS Friend!

We would like to inform you that the topic of humiliation and terrorism, which recently acquired sad relevance in Norway, is being addressed by our members.

Please be invited to our 19th Annual Conference, which will take place 27th-30th August 2012, at the University of Oslo in Norway, kindly hosted by Jorunn Økland, the Director of the Centre for Gender Research. The conference is titled “In the Aftermath of the 22nd July: The Urgent Significance of the Notion of Equality in Dignity or Likeverd.” It aims at advocating the notion of dignity, not just locally, but globally, on the platform of our emerging World Dignity University initiative.
It will be a multi-local conference through video connection – Linda Hartling will gather participants at her base in Portland, Oregon, USA. See We are extremely thankful to Jorunn Økland and the University of Oslo for their support!

Evelin Lindner will give several lectures in Oslo (Psychology Department, Centre for Gender Studies) on the topic of “Humiliation and Terrorism” in Jaunary 2012.

Since January 2010, Evelin Lindner is working on a book on Humiliation and Terrorism, to be published by Dignity Press.

Most warmly and appreciatingly,
The HumanDHS Team

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