Common Ground Newsbulletin: 4 December 2012

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Inside this edition 04 – 10 December 2012

No more peace vigils for Israel-Palestine
by Michael Felsen
Hamas and Israel have agreed to a ceasefire, the UN has accorded Palestine the status of non-member state and yet there are no signs of movement toward lasting peace. Michael Felsen, President of Boston Workmen’s Circle, asks whether it’s time to despair.
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 4 December 2012)

Spreading “anti-rumours” about immigrants
by Maria-Paz Lopez
Immigrant populations are too often the target of negative stereotypes, but a city-wide volunteer initiative in Barcelona is changing attitudes about newcomers, one rumour at a time, writes Maria-Paz Lopez, Senior Religion Writer at the Spanish daily La Vanguardia.
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 4 December 2012)

Meet the Egyptians fighting interfaith tensions
by Magdy Aziz Tobia
While the November withdrawal of representatives of Egypt’s churches from the Constituent Assembly added to headlights highlighting Christian-Muslim tensions in Egypt, Magdy Aziz Tobia, a member of the Egyptian Delegation to the Arab League, shares news of Egyptian interfaith initiatives that are bearing fruit.
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 4 December 2012)

Iraqi-US understanding, one Facebook friend at a time
by Rev. Wayne Lavender
Iraq and the United States are thousands of miles apart, but through social media Iraqis and Americans are reacting to explosive news stories by reaching out in friendship, writes Reverend Wayne Lavender, a United Methodist pastor.
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 4 December 2012)

Tunisian youth organising to fight drug abuse
by Jihed Fradi
Jihed Fradi, a member of the Youth Leaders Council of Zaghouan, highlights the role of Tunisian youth in tackling drug abuse in this fifth article in a series featuring the voices of Tunisian youth.
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 4 December 2012)

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