10th Year of the International ICT Seagulls

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Will you please share and invite your students, your e-groups and/or collagues to the following Project? Thank you very much for your contribution and help to the future leaders gain critical thinking skills, scientific research methods and team-work through quality applications.



Hayal KÖKSAL (Ph.D.)
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Part-time instructor, Educational Faculty, Boğaziçi University, TR
Director General, Turkish & Eurasia Centers for Schools of Quality (USA)
Director General (Turkey), World Council for TQ & Excellence in education (WCTQEE, India)

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We have been prideful of announcing the 10th year of the International ICT Seagulls which aims at continuous improving, effective ICT using and collaboratively problem solving based upon the SQC Philosophy to train TQPs for the future peaceful world.

The project started in 2004 and has been able to come to the present day vividly including the project teams from the kindergartens to college students. It was conducted not only in Turkey but also in USA, India, UK, South Africa and Nepal and produced 260 projects. Now, it is the 10th proud year and we would like to invite you to register.

According to the philosophy of the Project; all the teams which complete their projects properly are accepted “Successful” and they get their Certificates. The Project starts on the 4th of January 2013 and ends on the 1st day of June 2013 with a Blog and/or a web page design hugging all the steps of the project. It is expected that after the assessment phase the teams do not close the Blogs/Web Pages.

For the 10th Proud Year of the Project, we determined 5 main themes.
Main Themes:
1. THINKING LIKE A LEADER: The team members look at a problem issue with the glasses of the greatest leader of their own country, such as Ataturk, Gandhi, Mandela, etc. and they try to find solutions as if they were him/her. To do that, team members should be well aware of the principles of their leader.
2. ACTING AS AN ENVIRO-LOVER: The team members work on an environmental problem and try to find solutions. Their main question must be: “How can we make the life of our planet longer?”

3. LOOKING ETHICALLY:  Teams might focus on Information Technologies (IT), Ethics and Safety.
4. LOOKING/ACTING WITH LOVE: We witness many conflicts, violence, humiliation and terrorism around us. How can we look at them with dignity, peace, love and tolerance and find solutions accordingly?

5. EMPHATIC LOOK: Projects for the disabled people conducted with empathy.

Target Groups:
1. SQCs starting from kindergarten classes to college classes,
2. SQCs with and for the disabled and/or gifted adults and/or students,
3. SQCs formed and  guided by NGOs, companies and families.

Participation/Registration Rules: In order to participate in the ICT Seagulls Project, the “ETHICAL PPROTOCOLE” must be signed by the School Principal and Leading Teachers. Volunteerism, Commitment, Obeying rules and using the needed Technology are the main expectations. There is NO FINANCIAL AWARD of the Project. Learning collaboration, developing team spirit, and applying the problem solving skills are the main profits for the teachers and students. The most precious award of this Project is NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL REPUTATION.

Partners & Supporters:  “CMS, Lucknow, India”, “Tria Bilişim, Istanbul, Turkey” and “ConTech, Istanbul, Turkey” are the main partners and supporters of the Project. If you also want to be a partner or a supporter, keep in touch.

For More Information, please contact Dr. Hayal KÖKSAL who is the Designer & the General Coordinator of the Project.

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