Free Will? NYT Review of Book by Sam Harris

Have It Your Way
July 13, 2012

By Sam Harris
83 pp. Free Press. Paper, $9.99.

For centuries, the question of free will — of whether human beings make choices that are not, or not entirely, determined by purely physical processes and causes — nested securely in the aeries of philosophy and religion. Ordinary people didn’t worry about its having any practical significance for them. Although the issue of individual responsibility has animated novels, poetry, drama and parables, most modern people have gone about their lives believing that their minds were the agents of their decisions.


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  • Lasse Moer says:

    This is very interesting! Is a human being deeply responsible for its thoughts and behavior?

    Is everything matter, and thus everything is caused by the laws of physics, chemistry, etc.?

    If a human being has a non-matter component in their “thinking room” they might have a deep freedom from the time chain in causes and effects, when this non-matter component is not connected to time as matter is. Then they can be deep responsible for their behavior.

    Just found this comment-field and got an idea to start some visible thinking…

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