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I found this message from 2012 from Jan Künzl, which I want to share with you all:

Dear Human Rights Educators

Last year, we produced a short animated video clip which gives an overview about Human Rights. Since the video did find a huge audience in the World Wide Web, we decided to produce three more in-depth clips about the same topic. Each of them deals with one of the three dimensions of Human Rights.
In addition, a number of cross-cutting issues are explained. For example, the history of Human Rights, the role of NGOs such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, or the problems of the Human Rights system.

Together the overview clip and the three specific clips provide a profound knowledge about Human Rights.
The first clip focuses on the first dimension, the Civil and Political Rights. It also shows how Human Rights evolved as well as where human rights are violated today and by whom.
It can be viewed here:

The clips are licensed as Creative Commons. They can be used and distributed for free, for example as educational material, on social media channels or embedded on websites and blogs. If you like it- please share!
Additional information about the project:

The clips will be subsequently translated and released in several languages (German, Spanish, French, Arabic)
If you want to stay informed about the project and the other clips of the human rights series, please subscribe to our social media channels:



Best regards,
Jan Künzl

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