Solidarity for Dan Baron’s Cultural Education Project in the Amazon

Dear all,

please read the following message by our friend Dan Baron from the Amazon rainforest. Our support is urgently needed.

With kind regards,


Hi Evelin, Kjell and Uli!
How are you all? You know this story and have already given your support. We need your voices again!
Can you act on this email and pass it to all those who know us, and your friends who care about culture, art education, justice and ethical governance? We need as many emails as possible to reach Brazil’s Ministry of Culture this week, before we negotiate its debt to IDEA 2010, next Monday. Read on…  
Following its General Council Meeting in Paris, 2013, IDEA launched an international campaign two weeks ago, in solidarity with the Brazilian Network of Artseducators (ABRA). It pressed for a meeting with the Ministry of Culture which owes ABRA USD300,000 to complete payments for the IDEA 2010 World Congress. No meeting had been granted since November 2011.
As a result of ABRA’s video (, and letters from IDEA, ABRA has now been granted an audience with the Ministry of Culture, next February 24th, for the first time in 27 months. This is a significant step for ABRA and for drama/arts education in Brazil. It demonstrates the practical importance of performing solidarity!
Please watch the attached video if you haven’t yet had the time. It explains the power of international solidarity. To guarantee the meeting of February 24 is bilateral and decisive, please sign the email below, remove this introduction, and send your email to the Ministry of Culture and other highlighted e-addresses, this week. This will show the Brazilian government that ABRA is not alone, that you are watching, and that the international arts education community expects its human and professional rights to be respected. In an election year, Brazil’s government will listen.
Thanks! I know you are busy! Do this today and together, we will help to achieve a just, democratic decision.
All the best
TO: Minister of Culture, Ms Marta Suplicy
CC: President of Brazil, Ms Dilma Rousseff

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