Call for Papers: Social and solidarity economy, the commons, public action and livelihood

Re-posted from the Commoning Digest Newsletter, Vol. 13, Issue 3:

This may be of interest to some on this list.

From:  CASID - Canadian Association for the Study of International
Development <CASID@LISTS.MCGILL.CA> on behalf of Charmain Levy
Reply-To:  <Charmain.Levy@UQO.CA>
Date:  Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at 11:18 AM
Subject:  Conference CfP: Societies in transition. Social and solidarity
economy, the commons, public action and livelihood. International Conference, Paris may 2016

> Dear friends and members of ISA47,
> I am very glad to announce that ISA47 is a partner organizer of the conference
> ?Societies in transition. Social and solidarity economy, the commons, public
> action and livelihood? that will take place in Paris in May and is
> co-organized by the CNAM-Paris, the EMES network, the Polanyi Institute.
> The topic is timely and important for social movement students.

> Social movements are more than protests. They prefigurate alternatives and
> create new worlds. All over the world, citizens and movements have built
> initiative for a social and ecological transition and a fairer world.
> Solidarity economy and the commons are key elements of many of these
> initiatives.
> In this perspective, ISA47 wants to foster dialogues between social movement
> studies and research on solidarity economy and the commons, as well as
> dialogues between researchers and actors.  This conference is an exceptional
> opportunities to promote these confluences and dialogues. I thus hope that
> many of you will send an abstract ( ! before February 1st !) and attend this
> conference. A selection of short texts by leading participants will be
> published on our platform Open Movements during the conference.

> I am very grateful to Professor Jean-Louis Laville, who has set up this
> conference and whose brilliant work plea for more dialogue between solidarity
> economy and social movement studies as much as a call for another economy.
> Please find the call for papers in attachment.
> Best regards,
> Geoffrey


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