Being humiliated

A poem by Francisco Gomes de  Matos,
a peace linguist from Recife, Brazil.

When by someone we are humiliated
do we apply the rule of “tit for tat”?
when by someone we are depreciated
do we hate the person who did that?

Do we give in to our destructivity
and “an eye for an eye” we decide to apply
or do we rely on our spirituality
and with “love your neighbor” we comply?

When by someone we are humiliated
more than our sense of tolerance we test
when by someone we are discriminated
it is time to show our humanizing best

All of this may be very easy to say
but in everyday living it is hard to do
who can show us the deepest way?
Only GOD. Yes, GOD. Only YOU.

Received June 20, 2010.

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