On Communicative Health

by Francisco Gomes de Matos,
a peace linguist from Recife, Brazil

Communicatively, how healthy are you?
Communicating healthily, how do you feel?
What good can your messages do?
Ever think that what you say can heal?

Do you take special care of your communicative health?
In trying to communicate healthily, how do you fare?
Do you see communicative health as part of social wealth
And that in communicating healthily, you can also dare?

To your community communicative health what do you contribute?
Do you use spoken, written,sign languages edifyingly?
To persons with communication disorders what respect do you attribute?
Is your daily communicative life always dignifying?

For global priority to supporting Communicative Health this is a plea.
To learn to communicate healthily, all citizens should have the right.
From a physical and mental health perspective, communication let´s see
And health benefits of communicative experiences will bring a new light.

Received June 29, 2010.

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