Learning to Pray Nonkillingly

by Francisco Gomes de Matos,
a peace linguist from Recife, Brazil

Let´s pray for Peace
Let´s pray for all kinds of conflict to cease

Let´s pray for Nonviolence
Let´s pray for all voices of violence to silence

Let´s pray for no lethality to occur
Let´s pray for Harmony always to recur

Let´s pray for calm waters for human beings to sail
Let´s pray for compassionate care universally to prevail

Let´s  pray for a world that sustains dignity
Let´s  pray for Humankind to celebrate vitality

Let´s pray for all types of violent human actions to be prevented
Let´s pray for Nonkilling Education to be globally implemented

Let´s pray
Let´s say

Peace, Nonviolence, Nonkilling please show us the way

Received July 3, 2010.

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