Reflections on a Pedagogy of Respect: Dignifiers for the World

by Francisco Gomes de Matos, a peace linguist from Recife, Brazil

So many inspiring types of Pedagogy there are

Examples: Freirean-created Autonomy, Oppression, and Hope

Each type of Pedagogy has taken us very far

What about a Pedagogy of Respect: what could be its scope?

Educating human beings for both self and other-respect

Promoting universal ways of character -elevation

Societies doing their best: human conduct let´s perfect

Preventing and overcoming all forms of humiliation

A Pedagogy of Respect is urgently needed

by a world impaired by so much indignity

If guidance on affront, insult, offense is heeded

We will succeed in dignifying our humanity

In such spirit, DIGNIFIERS let´s prepare

as responsible, respectful citizens who care

so that a humanizing world all can share

and experience DIGNITY beyond compare

(received September 13, 2010)

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