On INJUSTICE: Some Rhymed Reflections

by Francisco Gomes de Matos, a peace linguist and human rights educator, Recife, Brazil

In the world of injustice we live
Justice has yet so much to give

How many injustices are being committed today?
Alas, that is impossible to say

How unjust to one another has Humankind been today?
Alas, that is impossible to weigh

About our unjust actions what can Justice say?
Nurture hope, for there is always an alternate, dignifying way

For you, a victim of injustice what can we do?
Besides ensuring you of justice, we will pray for you

Why does injustice keep rising internationally?
Because justice is not being nurtured intergenerationally

Can there be an effective, global education for Justice and Peace?
Yes, there can. Its global actions will cause injustice to cease

Why is injustice so very hard to fight?
Because it is a many-sided destructive might

When will the phrase “That´s unfair ” stop being used?
When stronger bonds between dignity and justice be fused

Why are indignity and injustice lethally related?
Because by them, millions of lives have been terminated

Is a world without injustice but a chimera?
No, if we keep dreaming of a deeply dignifying era

Why to injustice we so often succumb?
Because indignity we don´t know how to overcome

What can we do to become just?
Make our dignity be more and more robust

What could be the meaning of  “to one another being fair?”
Always putting other persons first: here, there, everywhere

Will SCHOOLS OF DIGNITY ever see the light of day?

(received January 14, 2011)

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