All Occupations Serving a Nonkilling World

by Francisco Gomes de Matos, a peace linguist from Recife, Brazil
(For the book “Nonkilling for Teens”)

I – Introduction

Three  rhymed reflections

At the time  Jesus lived on Earth, everal crucial crafts were known
They preceded today`s occupations:good services and products were sown

Did you know that  “craft” entered the English language before 900 and that
“occupation” made its written debut in 1250 ?

To Nonkilling if occupations were committed
less and less violence the world would see
No types of killing would be permitted
A peaceful Life would be lived by Humanity

One day all occupations will share the same aim:
Helping Humankind live in permanent harmony
All occupations will be given an additional name:
Dignifying occupations with Nonkilling quality


Today,the world of work is ever-expanding.Ever thought of guessing how many ways of earning a living
there are ? A web search — or rather, web searches — may help you, so I suggest that you try Occupations and  job titles. How about accessing a list of occupations related to aspects of Life?
You and your friends/classmates might want to have serious fun doing that, so let me share some of those vital occupations,in alphabetical order. Only the initial letters of each occupation is given,for you to add the
remaining symbols, OK? Happy educated guessing! Enjoy!

Ac_____, anth_____________,  bio_________, bot_________, co____,  civ___ eng_______, dip________, eco__________, eco___________, ed_________, env__________________.
far_____, fir___fi______, gar________, gen__________, gu___, gyn______________,
hi___ sc_____ te______, his___________, ind_____________, int______________,
jou____________, jud______, ju______, kit_____ wo_________, law_______, lib_______,
ling_______, leg___________, man_______________, men______ he______ wo________,
mus___________, nov________, nu_______, nut_________, 0bs_____________, oce___________, ph___________, phi__________, phy___________, pla_________, pi________, po____, pol_____ of_________, pol_______, pol________ sci_________, psy_____________, qu_____ co______ off_______ , res__________,san_______ eng___________, sec______ gu_____, soc___________, sol_________, sci___________,
te_________, to___ gu_______, ur______ pl_______, v__________________, war______, wr_______, zoo_________, zool________.


As you know, there are “helping professions”: medicine, nursing, psychotherapy, psychological counseling, social work, education, life coaching, ministry, …
Do a web search on “helping professions” and become more knowledgeable about professionals who commit themselves to helping others, with compassionate care.

You might also like to know more about “protective service occupations”, so go ahead and share your findings with friends, classmates.


Identifying peacebuilding ,nonviolent,nonkilling occupations.

Below, 10 definitions are given for persons who “love their neighbor” as the Biblical saying goes. Identify each person. Exchange your fill-ins and learn from one another, in class, or at home. Dictionaries will be useful aids, so be sure to look up your “guesses”.

1.______ woman who belongs to a religious order
2.______ a person authorized to perform religious functions in a Christian church especially a Protestant one
3________a Buddhist monk of Tibet or Mongolia
4._______a member of the clergy ranking below a bishop
5._______a leader of a Jewish congregation
6________ a shiite leader  having religious authority,with background in theology and law
7_________a teacher of spiritual knowledge,in Hinduism
8_________ a man who belongs to a religious order living in a monastery
9_________a Christian minister or priest who is the leader  of a congregation
10________a teacher of religious law (Islam)

How about a person who is engaged in campaigns,movements  to protest against violations of human rights and peace ? What would you call them ? Act________.

Did you know that that word entered written English in 1905? How about in other languages? Do a crosslinguistic, crosscultural search on that.

Right. Hope the above activities will enhance your awareness of Nonkilling as a necessary, an indispensable humanizing feature characterizing occupations.

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