Raymond Tremblay: Human Dignity

This poem was written and sent to us by Raymond Tremblay, dear member of the HumanDHS Core Team:


Humility sprang from my heart, not humiliation.

Understanding your plight triggered my compassion.

My soul connected with yours; she cried for your freedom.

As her tears caressed your wounded heart, she whispered “Aum”.

Night and day, she prayed that you’d be treated with respect and dignity.


Daring to advocate for you when necessary, she loved you as family.

Inspired by your inner beauty, she saw her own vulnerabilities.

Gentleness absorbed her. She recognized your abilities.

Naturally she encouraged you to spread your wings.

In your eye, she saw challenging new beginnings.

Today as you begin your flight, I will be there.

You are worthy of dignity. For you, I care.


Poem written by Raymond D. Tremblay (Ottawa) ©

In profound appreciation of the friendship I’ve received from

Linda Hartling and Evelin Linder, Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies


November 12, 2010


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