Relational Dignity: Rhymed Reflections for Educational Action

When two persons interact
Why is *relation* a challenging fact?

Will they know how to treat each other well?
Will they plan about what good things to tell?

Will they be concerned about the communicative effects they create?
Will the words and phraseologies to be used help mutual trust elevate?

In this case, what will *relational dignity* require?
That the two persons competence in *communicative peace* acquire

If communicatively they learn what to do
Will they dignify their interaction spiritually, too?

Their differences of opinion will they be willing to harmonize?
Their *communicative fallibility* will they humbly recognize?

How will they prevent disagreement from becoming a parting of two minds
and instead provide a constructive opportunity for a meeting of two minds?

One day, in all educational systems, *relational dignity* will be taught
and solutions to violations of *communicative dignity* will be sought

Relationally, there will be a world of dignifying interactions waiting to be applied
With what principles of* Peace Linguistics* will Humankind have complied?

In all languages and cultures, may an education in* relational dignity*be prioritized
so that by *learning to communicate dignifyingly* ,all language users are deeply humanized


By Francisco Gomes de Matos
Professor Emeritus, Federal University of Pernambuco
Co-founder, Associação Brasil América, Recife, Brazil
Co-founder, World Dignity University


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