Video-taped Dialogues on Dignity



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Fredsuniversitetet på Tronfjell / Mt. Tron University of Peace
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• 01 Art of Life and Dignity by Bjørn Pettersen
Bjørn Pettersen and the Mt. Tron University of Peace wish to collaborate with the World Dignity University initiative. This video, "Art of Life and Dignity," by Bjørn Pettersen, was made in Oslo, Norway, on 13th November 2011 in the home of Thamba at Karihaugen. Baheerathan (Thamba) Vykundanathan is a computer programmer of Sri Lankan origin working in Oslo. The interviewer is Thamba's wife, Preeti, from North India, also working with computers in Oslo. Benjamin Ree, who is a professional working with NRK and Reuters, instructed the scenes, recorded the video and edited the film.
Bjørn Pettersen leads the Mount Tron University of Peace in Alvdal, Norway. The University of Peace aspires to become a transnational centre for humanity. "Here the human being itself is the centre of attention, and not phenomena, religion or politics. It will focus on human integration, human dignity and human possibilities, and work to develop the whole human being - physically, mentally and spiritually - solely through the individual's own natural resources. It will also raise central and universal human issues on the collective level and function as a sanctuary and forum for humankind."
"Mt.Tron is internationally known as the ’Mountain of Truth’ or the ’Mountain of Wisdom’ in Norway since the Indian sage, poet and philosopher, Swami Sri Ananda Acharya, lived on this mountain for nearly 30 years. Both his tomb and his memorial are found on the mountain. As long ago as 1918 Ananda Acharya himself chose the ’Peace Plateau’ as the proper site for the proposed University of Peace."

• 02 Aud Lindseth Finsen forteller
Denne videoen ble spilt inn i Shantibu i Alvdal, Hedmark, 31. juli 2012. Aud Lindseth Finsen blir interjuet av Gjermund Glittfjell og forteller om hennes liv og hvordan hun ble kjent med Einar Beer. (Se Fredsuniversitetet på Tronfjell / Mt. Tron University of Peace.)Evelin Lindner holdt kameraet. Se bilder tatt på Shantibu fra 4. august 2012.