Video-taped Dialogues on Dignity



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25th Annual Conference of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, in Kigali, Rwanda
2nd - 5th June 2015

In the spirit of the United Nations agenda toward 'A Life of Dignity for All', in the spirit of Umuganda 'coming together in common purpose', and as a tribute to Felicitas Niyitegeka, who sacrificed her life in the 1994 genocide
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Thank you most warmly, dear Mark Itallange and Francis Nuwagaba, for your hard work in recording most of our videos!

Day Three, 4th June 2015, Public Event

• 01 Johnson Mugaga Invites The Honourable Bishop John Rucyahana
• 02 Emmanuel Ndahimana Welcomes Everybody
• 03 The Honourable Bishop John Rucyahana Speaks
• 04 Johnson Mugaga Speaks on Rwandan Identity and Reconciliation
• 05 Odette Yankulije Speaks on the Gacaca Experience
• 06 Jean Damascène Gasanabo Speaks on Fighting Against Genocide Denial
• 07 Jean Damascène Gasanabo and Odette Yankulije in Dignilogue
• 08 Reflections by Emmanuel Ndahimana and Johnson Mugaga
• 09 Hélène Lewis Speaks on Healing the Wounds of Humiliation
• 10 Magnus Haavelsrud Speaks on Preventing Humiliation Through Education
• 11 Hélène Lewis and Magnus Haavelsrud in Dignilogue
• 12 A Little Taste of the Atmosphere in the Conference
• 13 Father Jean d'Amour Dusengumuremyi Honours Felicitas Niyitegeka
• 14 Beacon of Dignity Award Ceremony: The Beacon of Dignity Award was awarded to The Honourable Bishop John Rucyahana and Emmanuel Ndahimana, and to Dr. Jean Baptiste Habyalimana, accepted by Johnson Mugaga
• 15 Seif Sekalala Shares Words of Appreciation
• 16 Closing Remarks by Bishop John Rucyahana, and by Evelin Lindner

Day Four, 5th June 2015: Dignilogue Summaries

• 17 Hélène Lewis' Dignilogue Summary
• 18 Emmanuel Ndahimana's Dignilogue Summary, together with Professor Déo Mbonyinkebe Sebahire
• 19 Warner Woodworth Shares His Dignilogue Summary
• 20 Mark Robert Massalu Itallange Shares His Dignilogue Summary
• 21 Avi Shahaf Shares His Dignilogue Summary

Day Four, 5th June 2015: Appreciative Greetings

• 22 Francis Nuwagaba Shares Appreciative Greetings
• 23 Emmanuel Ndahimana Shares Appreciative Greetings
• 24 Mark Robert Massalu Itallange Shares Appreciative Greetings
• 25 Magnus Haavelsrud Shares Appreciative Greetings
• 26 Grace Kiconco Sirrah Shares Appreciative Greetings
• 27 Augustine Aggrey Muloki Shares Appreciative Greetings
• 28 Nira Shahaf Shares Appreciative Greetings
• 29 Ernest Bessango Shares Appreciative Greetings
• 30 Warner Woodworth Shares Appreciative Greetings
• 31 Uli Spalthoff Shares Appreciative Greetings
• 32 Evelin Lindner Shares Appreciative Greetings