Video-taped Dialogues on Dignity



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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Southeast Europe, with Ardian Adžanela, 1st August - end of September 2016Southeast Europe
, 1st August - end of September 2016

Ardian Adžanela Reflects on Solidarity and Mutuality, Sarajevo, 14th August 2016
On 14th August 2016, Ardian Adžanela reflected on solidarity and mutuality, and how he observed it flourishing in the midst of the suffering of the siege of Sarajevo (1992-1995), more than after the siege. Evelin Lindner did the video-taping.
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Jovan Divjak Reflects on Human Dignity, Sarajevo, 7th August 2016
On 7th August 2016, Ardian Adžanela introduced Evelin Lindner to Jovan Divjak, an ethnic Serb who does not identify with ethnicity primarily, but rather with humanity at large, and who faced grim consequences for giving primacy to his love to his hometown Sarajevo and defending it against attacks from the armed forces that besieged and shelled the city of Sarajevo during the Bosnian war. See, among others, Sarajevo My Love, a film by Eylem Kaftan in 2012. Divjak is the executive director of "Education builds Bosnia and Herzegovina" (Obrazovanje Gradi BiH, OGBH), which he co-founded in 1994. The association's goals are to help children whose families are victims from the war, by providing them money, for instance, but also to help the increase of education in Bosnia, even in the poorest parts of the country, by providing financial and material support. Divjak has won many international and national awards, including the French Legion of Honour, Order of Lafayette, Sixth of April Award of Sarajevo, the International League of Humanists Plaque, and the Plaque of the Sarajevo Canton.
We thank Ardian Adžanela for translating. Evelin Lindner did the video-taping.
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