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World Peace Forum 2006 in June in Vancouver

Welcome to World Peace Forum Society 2006

The World Peace Forum 2006 is an international gathering of individuals, groups and civic governments from cities and communities to envision a living culture of peace and sustainability in our lifetimes. The success of this event depends on all of us. We can work together in the journey to peace!


The World Peace Forum 2006 will organize panels, workshops, public forums, arts and entertainment activities and networking events to offer all participants an open space for discussion and performance within the main theme of Cities and Communities: Working together to end war and build a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

The mission of the Forum is to create a global culture of peace. This is how we propose to implement our mission:

1. Publish a World Peace Forum statement, “Building a Culture of Peace and Sustainability,” for the global community, outlining what individuals, communities, cities, groups, and nations can do locally to create a culture of peace and sustainability.
2. Create an ongoing legacy of bi-annual World Peace Forums, in cities around the world, to refine, promote, and expand the culture of peace and sustainability.
3. Encourage communities and nations to plan for peace, for example, by inaugurating Departments of Peace at city, regional, and national levels of government.
4. Celebrate and protect diversity of culture locally and globally.
5. Make war abhorrent, peace popular, and the restoration and protection of our global ecosystems a priority.

The World Peace Forum 2006 program will follow these four guiding threads throughout the conference:

Economy of Peace
Social Justice and Peace
Environment and Peace
Culture and Peace

The final version of the program will be ready shortly. In the meantime, we would like to share a summary of what the World Peace Forum is preparing for June 2006. Download the program schedule and the program highlights in PDF format.

We will be pleased to receive your comments. Please, contact us. Check our website regularly for updated information.


World Peace Forum Staff
World Peace Forum 2006
550 West 6th Avenue, Suite 420
Vancouver, BC Canada V5Z 1A1
Tel: 604 687 3223
Fax: 604 687 3277

For general inquiries you can send us an email at admin@worldpeaceforum.ca or contact the World Peace Forum 2006 staff:
Jef Keighley
Executive Director Outreach
Ext. 101

Rex Weyler
Program Coordinator
Ext. 102

Karen Dean
Fundraising Coordinator
Ext. 103

DJ Lampitt
Communications Coordinator
Ext. 109

Linda Shuto
Volunteer Coordinator
Ext. 106

Whitney Larsen
Youth Outreach
Ext. 105

Tania Aguila
Administrative / Venues Coordinator
Ext. 100

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