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Invitation to North Norway in June: Conflict Resolution, Culture of Peace, and Cross-cultural Understanding

Dear HumanDHS Friends!

Please be invited to the:

Kurs i konfliktløsning, fredskultur og flerkulturell forståelse
(Course in conflict resolution, culture of peace, and cross-cultural understanding)

Time: 5.- 8. juli 2010

Location: Nordland Akademi for Kunst og Vitenskap, Melbu, Vesterålen, Norway.… Continue reading

Invitation to our Workshop on Humiliation and Violent Conflict, December 10-11, 2009, at Columbia University

Dear HumanDHS Friend!

Please let us send you a personal invitation to our Workshop on Humiliation and Violent Conflict, December 10-11, 2009, at Columbia University!

We would love having you with us!

We are inviting around 65 participants to the… Continue reading

William McConochie Seeks Your Support for his Humiliation Questionnaire

Dear HumanDHS Friend!

Please meet William McConochie!

We congratulate Bill to his important work!

He seeks your support in his research on humiliation!

Please read here his message to everybody:

“Help with humiliation research. Please consider helping with a… Continue reading

Anachronistic Acts – A Radio Feature by Baard Aune

Dear HumanDHS Friend!

Please download and listen!

Bård Aune has just finished:

Anachronistic Acts – A Radio Feature.
London: Goldsmiths College, available at, 2009.

This radio feature includes Evelin Lindner’s contributions.

Bård describes himself as follows (30th… Continue reading

Introductory Lecture by Evelin Lindner Now Online: Dignity or Humiliation – The World at a Crossroad

Dear HumanDHS Friend!

Due to the work of Lasse Moer, Chief Engineer of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University in Oslo, Evelin Lindner’s introductory lecture on humiliation is now online. It is entitled “Dignity or Humiliation: The… Continue reading

New Book: Voices from Post-Saddam Iraq by Victoria Fontan

Dear HumanDHS friend!

Please see the new book by Victoria Fontan!

Congratulations, dear Victoria!


Voices from Post-Saddam Iraq: Living with Terrorism, Insurgency, and New Forms of Tyranny
by Victoria Fontan
Foreword by Louis Kriesberg
Book Code: C36532
ISBN:… Continue reading

Film by Evelin Lindner and Lasse Moer: Humiliation and Coping in War

Dear HumanDHS friend!

Please see the film Humiliation and Coping in War, a compilation of short clips from Somaliland, cut from altogether ca. 10 hours of video material and 100 hours of audio material that Evelin Lindner collected in… Continue reading

Art Installation ”My Inner Sole” by Zuzka Kurtz

Dear HumanDHS!

Welcome to Zuzka Kurtz’ art installation!

In 2009, Zuzka Kurtz created the art installation “My Inner Sole” in California at the SlaughterHouseSpace (June 26, 2009 through July 26, 2009).

Please see: !

Congratulations, dear Zuzka!


New Book: Wild Attraction by Paul and Patricia Richards

Dear HumanDHS friend!

Please let me make you aware of Wild Attraction by Paul and Patricia Richards!

Please see the book cover on:,
and please see more details on:,
and on Amazon.

Let us send… Continue reading

Human Dignity – A Universal Concept? Seminar, Oslo, 9th December 2008

Dear HumanDHS Friend!

Please be warmly invited!

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters,
in co-operation with the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN) at the University of Oslo, and the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO)… Continue reading