News from other sources that might interest our network

News from sources outside of our network that might be interesting for our network members, for example information about conferences, or newsletters about topics related to dignity and humiliation.

Creative Maladjustment Week! (July 7-July 14, 2013)

TODAY, we at MindFreedom International are PROUD to announce the launch of a brand new website to promote what promises to be the biggest and most fantastically creative mad pride event the world has ever seen: the inaugural CREATIVE MALADJUSTMENT… Continue reading 

Free Post Disaster ADR Articles: ABA DR Magazine and Cardozo J. of Conflict Resolution

Forwarded from Maria Volpe’s NYC-DR listserv:
Hi everyone….. Below are free online articles a number of us have written on Post Disaster Dispute Resolution efforts, including several on FEMA’s efforts.  The ABA DR Magazine and the Cardozo J… Continue reading

AMARC WCIT/CMTI Dubai 2012: Freedom of Expression is a Fundamental Human Right

AMARC WCIT/CMTI Dubai 2012: Freedom of Expression is a Fundamental Human Right
Convergence is a technological fact
Neutrality is an economical choice
Regulation is a political choice.

Montreal, December 7, 2012. The World Association fo Community radio Broadcasters, AMARC, calls… Continue reading

Iranian Activists Stand Up for Dozens of Detained Teachers

Dear HumanDHS friends,

I’d like to share an article about a new initiative which calls for an end to judicial persecution of teachers in Iran.

More at:


First Muslim Human Rights Commission to Launch End December

Dear HumanDHS friends,

here is the beginning of this article:

WASHINGTON, Dec 13 2012 (IPS) – Gathering for the first time here in Washington, representatives of the newly established human rights commission of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) stated… Continue reading

Common Ground Newsbulletin: 4 December 2012

Dear HumanDHS Friends

Inside this edition 04 – 10 December 2012

No more peace vigils for Israel-Palestine
by Michael Felsen
Hamas and Israel have agreed to a ceasefire, the UN has accorded Palestine the status of non-member state and… Continue reading

Common Ground Newsbulletin: 27 November 2012

Dear HumanDHS Friends

Inside this edition 27 November – 03 December 2012

In the midst of combat, Israelis and Palestinian march for ceasefire
by Yonathan Listik
In the midst of devastating violence between Hamas and Israel, a group of… Continue reading

New Rutgers Program in Peace and Conflict Studies

Dear HumanDHS Friends

From Jon Hyman

I am pleased to announce that Rutgers-Newark has established a Master of
Arts degree program in Peace and Conflict Studies. Directed by
anthropologist Prof. R. Brian Ferguson, its home is the Department of
Sociology… Continue reading

Common Ground Newsbulletin: 13 November 2012

Dear HumanDHS Friends

Inside this edition 13 – 19 November 2012

Supermarket is an unexpected arena for Israeli-Palestinian co-existence
by Ruth Eglash
As interaction between Israelis and Palestinians becomes increasingly scarce, an Israeli supermarket chain with branches in the… Continue reading

Article on Humiliation: Linda Hartling

Dear HumanDHS Friends

link to article:

Excerpt: Humiliation is not to be taken lightly – it can have an incendiary power, says Hartling, who believes it has prompted some of the most violent protests of the past 15 years,… Continue reading