We would like to extend our warmest thanks and appreciation to you, our dear Sharegivers, Sponsors, and Donors! Your kind support encourages us immensely and we hope that, through your help, we can significantly contribute to making a difference in this world. Many of you are both Advisory Board Member, Core Team Members, as well as Sponsors. We thank you for your wonderful support!

We wish to repeat here that we are independent of any ideological, religious, political, or material agenda. At the core of our work is the use of transdisciplinary approaches for generating and disseminating knowledge about human dignity and humiliation. We are committed to a wide range of knowledge creation and dissemination. Our motto is Unity in Diversity. All members of our group work pro bono, donating their time, and sacrificing whatever financial means they have at their disposal to develop our HumanDHS initiative. Most of our donations represent sharing within our network. We take great care in giving priority to our aim to bring more dignity into the world and having everything else serve this goal. We believe that also money should serve, not lead, both in our network and in the world. As a result, the "here you can donate" page is not prominent on our website, and we refrain from packaging our work as commodity. We even refrain from promoting our work as "free" or "gratis," because even such strategies foreground monetary value. However, this does not mean that we underestimate the utility of finance, and financial support. Relegating money to a place of service does not mean negating its usefulness and value. We would therefore extend our warm gratitude to you who has contributed to our work with your financial abilities.

Linda M. Hartling, Ph.D., is the HumanDHS Director, and also a Member of the HumanDHS Global Core Team, HumanDHS Global Coordinating Team, HumanDHS Research Team, and HumanDHS Research Team. She is also the Editor of the Journal of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (JHDHS).
Linda and her husband Rick Slaven have donated almost all of their free time since 2003 and continuously support our work also financially. They set us up as non-for-profit organization and arranged for the PayPal system on our Contributions page. In 2008, they founded the first HumanDHS Dialogue Home.
Linda is the Associate Director of the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute (JBMTI) at the Stone Center, which is part of the Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College in Massachusetts.
Dr. Hartling is a member of the JBMTI theory-building group advancing the practice of the Relational-Cultural Theory, a model of psychological growth and development. She coordinates and contributes to training programs, publications, and special projects for the JBMTI. She holds a doctoral degree in clinical/community psychology and has published papers on resilience, substance abuse prevention, shame and humiliation, relational practice in the workplace, and Relational-Cultural Theory. [read more]
Richard Slaven, Ph.D., is the HumanDHS Business Director.
Rick and his wife Linda Hartling have donated almost all of their free time since 2003 and continuously support our work also financially. They set us up as non-for-profit organization and arranged for the PayPal system on our Contributions page. In 2008, they founded the first HumanDHS Dialogue Home.
Until 2008, Richard Slaven was the Administrator of the Martin Fisher School of Physics at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. He holds a B.S. degree in Physics and Mathematics, a M.S. in Nuclear Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Educational Administration.
For 20 years he was a superintendent of public schools in Oregon, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts, overseeing $ 25,000,000 budgets and over 400 faculty and staff. [...] Dr. Slaven has presented keynote addresses and workshops on leadership and employee development to hundreds of educational and wellness groups throughout the US. He believes strongly in the worth and dignity of all people. During his superintendency years his primary focus was on developing outstanding educational programs for underprivileged and/or under-challenged students. [read more]
Evelin Lindner works for free and donates a professor's salary each year, since 2001. She has adapted her personal life to the task of building the global HumanDHS network by living as a global citizen, supported by the HumanDHS fellowship and her personal global network of friends. This entails great personal sacrifices. She has received offers for full-time teaching positions at universities, however, she wishes to design her life in accordance with the need to build HumanDHS as a global group - "problems have no passports, and we need solutions without passports as well" is her motto. She invests all her time in developing the global HumanDHS network - by working on several hundred HumanDHS emails daily, by maintaining this website, by meeting people for the HumanDHS network, by teaching and giving lectures, and by writing (wishing to have much more time for writing).
Evelin stands up for her global citizen life, even though not having a full-time employment compels her to live on a minimum of financial resources, often much less than 10,000 USD per year. Flights and health insurance basically consume these funds and the situation requires her strictest discipline: no taxi, only public transport, no hotels, no visits to restaurants, no memberships anywhere, etc. - without her global network of friends and supporters hosting her, she would not be able to succeed with this life design.
Sometimes, Evelin receives gifts or monthly support (footnote). From 2004, until summer 2005, for example, Ragnhild generously and kindly supported Evelin monthly. With this, Ragnhild intended to show her appreciation for HumanDHS, inviting others to join her, and to encourage Evelin to continue her work. In 2007, Katrine Stabell-Hagelund generously paid into a pension fund for Evelin, who otherwise has no old-age arrangements. In 2008, Evelin's computer was financed by kind gifts from Linda Hartling, Rick Slaven, Anne Wyatt-Brown, Bertram Wyatt-Brown, Jan Smedslund, Reidar Ommundsen, Fanny Duckert, Gary Page Jones.
Footnote: As to misconceptions of our work, Lindner was aggressed, for example, when she was not willing to side with victims of humiliation by ways of condoning violent responses. It was insinuated that she had a financial motivation for promoting a nonviolent stance that honors the humanity of all conflict participants, namely that she was being paid, by Columbia University, for example, to "betray" victims of humiliation.
We would like to make clear that Columbia University does not extend funds to our group.
Furthermore, we would like to affirm that we wish to work for discontinuing cycles of humiliation and not perpetuating them, and that we developed this vision and conviction through our work, independent from any outside influence or any financial incentive.
Anne Wyatt-Brown and her husband Bertram have generously supported the HumanDHS work in numerous ways, not least with gracious financial support in times of great need.
Anne M. Wyatt-Brown is an Emeritus Associate Professor in the Program in Linguistics, University of Florida. Her degrees include, A. B., Radcliffe College, Harvard University, 1961, M.A.T., The Johns Hopkins University, 1962, and Ph.D. in English, Case Western Reserve University, 1972. She joined the Gerontological Society of America in 1983 and was elected a fellow of the Gerontological Society of America in 1999. [read more]
Bertram Wyatt-Brown is also a Member of the HumanDHS Board of Directors, and was the Guest Editor of "Humiliation and History in Global Perspectives," a Special Issue of Social Alternatives (Vol. 25, No. 1, First Quarter, 2006), edited by Ralph Summy.
Bertram Wyatt-Brown and his wife Anne have generously supported the HumanDHS work in numerous ways, not least with gracious financial support in times of great need.
Richard J. Milbauer Emeritus Professor of History, University of Florida, and Visiting Scholar, Johns Hopkins University, he has published numerous works in history relating to honor: Southern Honor: Ethics and Behavior in the Old South (1982); The House of Percy: Honor, Melancholy, and Imagination in a Southern Family (1994); The Shaping of Southern Culture: Honor, Grace, and War (2001) [...] Wyatt-Brown is currently preparing books entitled Lincoln's Assassination and the Undoing of Union Victory and Melancholy's Children: Modern Southern Writers and Depression. [read more]

Eric Van Grasdorff is also a Member of the HumanDHS Board of Directors, and the HumanDHS Global Core Coordinating Team.
Eric has built this website pro bono in 2003, and is since always available to help Evelin maintaining and developing it.
He is a Political Scientist and has graduated from the Free University of Berlin, Germany, on the topic African Renaissance and Discourse Ownership in the Information Age (2003). Born and grown up in Dakar, Senegal and later in Germany, he has very early in his life developed an intercultural identity. [read more]


Judit Révész is also a Member in the HumanDHS Global Core Coordinating Team and the HumanDHS Research Team.
Judit Révész works without a salary with our HumanDHS network since the idea emerged in 2001; she only received support from within our group for a few distinct items and purposes, as a sign of our group's appreciation for her daily pro bono work. Judit receives all incoming emails to our Contact page, triages them, replies, or forwards them to Evelin, Linda and other HumanDHS members.
In 2007 Judit received her Master of Science in Organization Development from the American University and the NTL Institute joint program. Prior to that, she graduated from ELTE School of Law Budapest, Hungary in 1998 and practiced litigation and corporate law for a year in Hungary. She then studied conflict resolution and mediation at Columbia University, Teachers College, in New York in 2001. Judit subsequently worked as a mediator in New York on cases referred by the Small Claims Court. [read more]

From 2004, until summer 2005, Ragnhild supported Evelin generously and kindly, intending to show her appreciation for HumanDHS through this, inviting others to join her. Later, in 2008, she dedicated her Song for a Global WO-MAN to HumanDHS. For 2009, she developes plans to support HumanDHS through HumanDHS-certified courses.
Ragnhild holds a M.A. in Music and has studied Psychology, Pedagogy, and Dance. She combines at least three careers. She is reckoned as one of Norway's most skilled course holders and lecturers and is a sought-after educationist, communications artist and development consultant.
In addition, Ragnhild N. Grødal has served on the Board of Strømme Stiftelsen and has developed humanitarian projects worldwide, from East-Timor to Africa and South-America.
Furthermore, Ragnhild N. Grødal is the author of several books, both fiction and non-fiction, that are sold worldwide. As a writer, she works within the genre of "faction" and intertwines academic knowledge with poetic approaches, combining her insights into academic research with her gift to communicate with humor. [read more]
Alan B. Slifka is a New York investment manager and philanthropist who is the Managing Principal of Halcyon/Alan B. Slifka Management Company LLC, an asset management firm specializing in corporate event investing. It currently manages fifteen investment entities consisting of in excess over one billion in equity capital. Prior to this, he was a partner of L.F. Rothschild & Co., Inc. Long active in business, civic and philanthropic affairs, Alan Slifka serves on several corporate boards including The Pall Corporation. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of GTS (Global TeleSystems Group, Inc.), who provides advanced telecommunication services to businesses in the emerging markets of Eurasia. He is founding Chairman and member of the Board of Directors of the Big Apple Circus, a Director of the Abraham Joshua Heschel School and a member of the Executive Committee of the American Jewish Congress. He is Chairman of The Abraham Fund, which he co-founded in 1989 as the first and only public foundation whose sole purpose is to further coexistence between Israel's Jewish and Arab citizens through support of programs and projects in Israel, as well as Chairman of the Alan Slifka Foundation. It is his belief that legitimization and enhancement of coexistence and coexistence programs between majority and minority, whether ethnic, tribal or religious, is currently the most essential yet under-supported need in the world.
Alan B. Slifka wrote the foreword in Weiner, Eugene (Ed.) (1998). The Handbook of Interethnic Coexistence. New York: Abraham Fund Publication.
Please see the HumanDHS' Work: Objectives and Evidence of Success, developed in cooperation betwen HumanDHS and ABSF.

John Steiner, Networker, Spiritual Activist, and Philanthropist, brings together people, ideas, projects and funding around common cause. He has been a Founding Member and Leader of the Threshold Foundation, a national association of people with earned and inherited wealth who have come together to pool their money to support social and transformational change activities. He is a Founding Member of the Social Venture Network, a national affiliation of socially responsible entrepreneurs, investors, and social entrepreneurs whose mission is to develop a triple bottom line that recognizes the importance of healthy profits, healthy people, and a healthy planet. He has served as a Principal, Consultant, and Board Member of a number of national and international organizations dedicated to issues of collaborative governance, international peace making, and economic and social development. He is Founder and Director of GEMS, Green Economic Movement Strategies, which employs entrepreneurial skills to intervene in the market place on behalf of a more ecologically sustainable economy. He is the Founder and Director of Creative Philanthropy Associates. [read more]
DONALD C. KLEIN † June 8, 2007, but spiritually always with us!
Donald C. Klein, Ph.D., was also a Member of the HumanDHS Board of Directors, the HumanDHS Global Core Team, the HumanDHS Global Coordinating Team, and the HumanDHS Research Team.
Don is a Psychologist and Behavioral Scientist. After earning a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. in 1952 at the University of California, Berkeley, he was CEO of an experimental community mental health center, directed a multi-disciplinary graduate center at Boston University, served as NTL Program Director for Community Affairs, and helped to develop and became coordinator of the Applied Behavioral Science graduate program at The Johns Hopkins University. Subsequently, he was Professor Emeritus of the Graduate College of The Union Institute & University, which offers an innovative non-residential doctoral program for working adults.
Don Klein has been one of the first to explicitly examine and write on the humiliation phenomena. His first publication on humiliation goes back to 1991 (Journal of Primary Prevention on the Humiliation Dynamic, Vol 12, No. 2, Winter, 1991; Vol 12, No. 3, Spring 1992). [read more]

Stephanie Heuer is also a Member in the HumanDHS Research Team.
Safa is is currently a Technology and Computer Lab instructor for the third year at Randol Elementary School teaching grades K-5. A seasoned 10-year employee of Hewlett Packard during the 80's, Stephanie lived in Tokyo for two years implementing semiconductor software and teaching Engineering Analysis in Korea and Taiwan. [read more]

Please see Safa's generous offer to donate 100 % of the profits of her book sales to our educational program, in honor of Don Klein! Please read her letter to ALL here:

Dear HumanDHS members and associates,
For the last three years, I have been doing a project involving the creation of the Somebody/Nobody Books (based on Dr. Robert Fuller's work, All Rise, and Somebodies/Nobodies and The Abuse of Rank). My two children books (one in English/one in Spanish), are now being used around the globe in classroom as a template to open discussions on dignity, anti-bullying, and character development (and avoiding humiliation both for the students, teachers, and parents). This is a life long project for me, and I am now starting my third book for teenagers along the same theme, which will be available next year.
Dr. Don Klein was an enormous inspiration to me personally, and to this network of concerned and energetic global citizens. I am therefore making my E-Books available and ALL (100%) of profits will be donated to the HumanDHS organization educational group for the development of our global services. Our goal is to promote this through our organization, schools, universities, and any other individual organizations that would be interested in obtaining the somebody/nobody book and donating to our worthwhile message on dignity and eliminating humiliation at all levels.
The books, in English and Spanish, are priced at 8.75 ( PDF file; 1.75 fee for processing). You can use PayPal or any other credit card option for purchase. If you have any other further questions, please contact me directly at safa40[@] I will be making this offer available to this organization throughout 2007, ending December 31st.
For more information on the books and myself and my current work in schools and the seminars I offer, please see;
To purchase your copy of "I Feel Like Nobody When... I Feel Like Somebody When...", please click on the links below. (English Version) (Spanish Version)
To you Don, and for the lovely memories I will always have of you....
Stephanie (Heuer)