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Alfredo Rojas Figueroa & Nora Lambrecht

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Alfredo Rojas Figueroa & Nora Lambrecht: Invitation to Co-Create a Culture of Peace (Español/English)
This video is bilingual (Español/English). This video was created with Alfredo Rojas and Nora Lambrecht, and Evelin Lindner, in Howard Richards' Dialogue Home and Centro para el Desarrollo Alternativo en Limache, Chile, 21st April 2012. The recording was done by Nora Lambrecht and then by Evelin Lindner. Alfredo Rojas Figueroa and Nora Lambrecht invite all like-minded people to join them in co-creating a Culture of Peace.
Please see an example of their work: Invitación a Taller El Desafío de Educar sin Violencia 2012.