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GPS Mission of Peace Day 453 - UN International Day of Peace: What Words Work?

GPS Mission of Peace Day 453 -- UN International Day of Peace: What Words Work?

September 21, 2005

-UN International Day of Peace: What Words Work?
-Ethnicity vs. Humanity by Cletus Young
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UN International Day of Peace: What Words Work?
My name is Byron De Lear and I bring you greetings from the West Coast of
the United States - from sunny southern California.

I am honored to have the opportunity to share with you some of my thoughts
about achieving peace on our planet on this United Nations declared
International Day of Peace.

So many inspirational words have been spoken from this microphone, haven't

Before I sought about to craft a message for you today, I had to consider
the overwhelming wealth of wisdom and vision and enlightenment that has been
brought to the table of humanity by our most cherished artists, authors,
humanitarians and peacemakers throughout the millennia.

And today, we gather here to continue on and amplify those efforts.

But what message -- of peace -- can I offer here, that could make a
difference? -- that could make any mission of peace effective?

What words work?

Humanity is on the threshold of a true global community.

In the midst of this cultural convergence we have the historic opportunity
to compose evolutionary principles for a more sustainable expression of
civilization: a government of the life and for the life.

This is what we as peacemakers need to own, the mission of life, truth and

To begin to set up a shop that sees the world with empathic vision - truly,
a government of the life and for the life.

But we need to take our peacemaking past the borders of strictly
governmental concern - for the concerns of those in our corridors of power
are languishing in a design for our species that is rife with obsolescence.

A 'survival-of-the-fittest' ethos run amok -- putting profits and power over
people and life.

We live... with a media culture governed by the edict, "if it bleeds it

Well a brighter future will never ever be led by the bloodthirsty.

We live... with a socio-economic reality which is dictated by corporate and
national institutions with only an eye for the next quarterly business
report or the next electoral cycle.

And as these national and corporate institutions have an impact on our
planet in terms of decades, centuries and even millennia -- our envisioned
future needs to be seen with better eyes than that.

You have those eyes.

And the vista of human dignity needs to be brought into focus.

It's our job as peacemakers to take the blinders off of a global audience so
hungry for this truth.

But keep in mind that we only have window of opportunity and are working
against the clock as the clock of destiny is ticking out.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, "It is no longer a question of violence or
non-violence in this world, its nonviolence or non-existence - that is where
we are today."

This reality is more real now than ever, and every rung up the ladder of
technological and industrial advancement that civilization climbs, the
necessity for a more evolved and less forceful means for conflict resolution
must be found.

Whether it be five years from now or a hundred, the alternative is sadly,

To stay the course laid by a global system of war will inevitably lead to

That's why we need to unpack just what this system of war is.

This global system of war goes beyond bullets and bombs and extends into our
lives with economic weapons wielded by multi-national conglomerates and
infiltrates our culture by the monolithic controls upon the flow of
information by the PR arm of big business: what I like to call the main
stream deluge.

War is a complex.

It's a complex of militaristic industry, corporate usurpation of policy, and
the subtle monopolization of the field of ideas through the main stream
torrent of telecommunications.

And this unholy trinity of warfare - militaristic, corporate and
propagandistic -- is a war being waged onto the people by a system gone

A 'religion' of self-destruction.

The unholy trinity of warfare is something we should expect our leaders to
work to dilute and eradicate, not be complicit in and amplify.

The evolution of nonviolence in politics will work to break down this

Empathy is the lifeblood that courses through veins of the Golden Rule - and
as individuals we all know what it feels like to do unto others as you would
have them do unto you, but do governments inherently embrace the Golden

Do multi-national conglomerates?

The work of the 21st century will be to institutionalize the Golden Rule and
to infuse the doctrine of nonviolence into the very fabric of the world's
socio-economic system.

We can no longer continue to reward and invest in a system that seeks to
prey upon the weak and promote consumer vulnerability - this system
perfected will consume itself.

Truth be told, I believe some fundamental qualities will coalesce into our
conception of democracy in the 21st century, namely, that power's legitimacy
will be directly proportionate to its transparency.

Power's legitimacy will be directly proportionate to its transparency.

Truth be told.

And even as we rally up against the ways of the world, and the law of the
jungle - this truth is on our side.

Worth more than billion dollar media buy, this unmistakable truth will
resonate as 'the shot heard round the world' in this war to end all wars,
and will clearly and unequivocally show that the key to achieving peace on
our planet will be born out of the necessities of self-preservation and
survival married with the empathic vision demanded by a Spiritually evolved

The law of the jungle and the rule of heaven come together.

The government of the life and for the life will render this complex of
warfare as a retired aspect of an evolving civilization.

Thank you for your attention and your consideration.

Yours in Peace,
Byron De Lear

GPS "...positioning the world in a different way"
Mansour Ya Salaam, Nitzahon La Shalom, and Victory to Peace!

Byron De Lear
Global Peace Solution
GPS... positioning the world in a different way

Ethnicity vs. Humanity
by Cletus Young
Culture has become a buzzword of the Nineties. We have cultural pride,
cultural sensitivity, cultural preservation and so on.

What is culture?

The dictionary defines it as the sum total of ways of living built up by a
group of human beings, which is transmitted from one generation to another.
There may be a simpler and more fundamental definition. Culture is nothing
more than a group's reaction to its environmental condition. Geography is
the single most important factor in how a culture develops.

Ethnic food, clothing, housing, even many religions, are the result of
humans' adaptation to their surroundings. No culture is any "better" than
any other. Each is successful at developing survival mechanisms fitting its
environment. Conversely none are mystical, God-given or special.

Like the warring factions in "Gulliver's Travels" who fought over which end
of the egg was the correct end to break, we are all too willing to kill for
our cultures. This has always been one of man's greatest weaknesses, and
will continue to be so in the future, unless we finally realize that there
are no "sacred" cultures, and that many of the customs and mores we hold
dear have long outlived their usefulness as survival mechanisms and, in
fact, have become impediments to global harmony.

The more "ethnic" man is, the less human he becomes.

He places his "ethnic" values above basic human values, and in so doing
becomes the willing instrument of demagogues, religious fanatics and just
plain thieves, all of who exploit the desire for men to feel "special"
without having to do anything special, the belief that just by being born
into a group, one is somehow better than one who is not.

Like many false doctrines, ethnicity is very popular because it promises
status and power and pride without any much work; just "belonging" is

The best human qualities - fairness, justice, objectivity - are trampled
beneath the flag-waving, slogan-chanting mobs.

So this is our choice: we can be responsible, intelligent beings and combine
our efforts and resources to solve problems that affect us all, or we can
continue down the same old blood-soaked path of ego and chauvinism.

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