Happy 60th Birthday, Dear Linda!

Linda HartlingLinda Hartling is the Director of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS), and its World Dignity University (WDU) initiative, which includes Dignity Press (DP). Please read about her background here.

We would like to invite you to join us in celebrating Linda! She will turn 60 this year and we wish to give her this page as sign of our appreciation. We feel immense gratitude for our dear Linda, who has been dedicating her life to nurturing our global family since 2003!

We think that it will make Linda very happy to read your comments in the comments fields further down, where you can give her the gift of your greetings, congratulations, and words of gratitude and appreciation!

We will show this page to Linda when we present her with our HumanDHS Lifetime Achievement Award at our workshop at Columbia University in NYC in December. Therefore, please keep this page secret from her until December! (Please note that your comment will become visible only after having been filtered and approved, and thank you for allowing us to shorten your text, if needed.)

YOUR contribution will make the celebration of our dear Linda wonderfully rich and dignified!

In deep gratitude,
Evelin Lindner, MD, PhDs, Founding President
Richard Slaven, PhD, Director of Dignifunding
Michael Britton, EdD, PhD, Board Member
Uli Spalthoff, PhD, Director of Project Development and Systems Administration

55 Responses to Happy 60th Birthday, Dear Linda!

  • Dear Linda!

    I wish to express my deep gratitude to you for being such an extraordinary shining beacon of dignity in this world, in our dignity movement, and in my life! I am in awe of your immense courage and the profundity of your inner integrity and authenticity. I have never met another person as outstanding as you. You possess a heart that is so loving and an intellect that is so brilliant, sharp, and incorruptible that words lack to describe it. You know more than most people, yet, your humility prevents any arrogance, and many people might not even recognize how lucky they are when they meet you. I would therefore like to call on everybody who happens to cross your path: When you meet Linda, listen deeply! Open your mind and your heart! Linda is able to widen the horizon of what you know and what you believe, beyond all you ever thought would be possible!

    Dearest Linda, you gave me the gift of being with me on our shared path to creating a global dignity movement since more than a decade. This gift has been more valuable to me than all the gold and silver of this planet. I so much look forward to the coming decades of our shared path. I promise to be your faithful and loving sister, always, and I am profoundly thankful for you being my sister, my soul-mate, my family, my hero, my beacon of dignity.

    Dearest Linda, let me call out to all the corners of this planet: here is Linda, please give her your highest respect and loving appreciation and admiration!

    Yours, my dearest Linda, your eternally devoted sister Evelin

  • Michael Britton says:

    Dear Linda,
    What a pleasure to express my admiration and appreciation for you on this your sixtieth year of gracing our planet! You are such a dear human being, such a good colleague, such an animating force in the HDHS, such a blessing to us all, such a gift from the universe! Gail Walker, who has known you from long ago, always said what an immensely hard worker you have been, how much you have been the organizing force behind so much — while taking so little acclaim for yourself. How true! I have witnessed you helping to move HDHS forward with one skillful, organizing project after another; who else would have created the U. Mass course, done such an amazing job of crafting an environment for people not only to learn but to grow, and patiently weathered the technological difficulties of making it happen! You are always so sensitive to others, so empathic and respectful. You are a shining light helping us all remember to be our better selves, just by being your self! I treasure our conversations, have immensely appreciated your support, encouragement and good sense, and look forward to reading your first book! You and Evelin together have tended and nurtured our network so carefully, avoiding the temptations that surround the forming of a collective endeavor like ours, cherishing the best in people and seeking out those who “walk the walk” of humility and dignification of others and the world. You have been great nurturers together! I have been greatly blessed to know you and work with you, and look forward to many years to come of sharing the pleasure of your companionship, your incisive intelligence, your humor, your singing, your feel for the music of life, your careful tending of so many things at the same time, your eloquence, and your practical good sense — not to mention the visual artistry of your amazing presentations! You are a true artist with a great heart, a wise mind and genuine modesty. You truly create mutually dignifying relationships. Jean would be so proud of you, and so glad you are continuing her work on relational living! Many blessings be yours and your family’s for decades to come!
    Michael Britton

  • Rick Slaven says:

    Dearest Linda:

    I have been so fortunate to have spent almost half of my life with you. What a blessing for me!

    Everyday, you bring happiness, a zest for life, and a love for others to the world around you. Everyone you meet feels your joy for life and your willingness to reach out to them in loving ways.

    Your empathy and caring for people always inspires me to see others a little more clearly, care for others a little more patiently, and give a helping hand more often. You are always seeing beauty in people, in animals, and in our environment.

    Your dedication to HDHS since its inception has touched lives throughout the world, person-by-person, a warm smile by a warm smile, a kind word by a kind word, and an insightful comment to an insightful comment. No matter what country we travelled you found a way to contact with people from different cultures or different viewpoints. When conflicts arise you see them as ways to show empathy not humiliation, to show patient understanding not counterpoint arguments, and to find a ways to connect not disconnect. Whenever you meet someone they immediately feel your love and caring flowing around them.

    Linda, you are my dearest friend, the love of my life, my soulmate. I hope you have a wonderful birthday this year and for the next fifty years.

    husband, friend, admirer, saver of my life

  • Dear Linda,

    it is now more than 6 years ago that we met for the first time, in a Skype conference. You, together with Michael and Evelin invited me to become part of the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies network. I remember too well that I was a bit shy, as I am neither a social-psychologist nor have any background in the humanities. Entering your organization felt like a challenge to me.
    Your kind and open-hearted way to welcome me made the start very easy. Since then, we have met personally three times, and had numerous video conferences and emails exchanged. I always enjoyed our collaboration and, again and again, I am “in awe and wonderment” (to use a term I have learned from you), when experiencing your deeply humane and highly developed leadership.
    Many thanks for allowing me to be part of your community, and a thousand good wishes for your birthday!

  • David Yamada says:

    Dear Linda,

    “Happy birthday!” seems such a trite way to share my warm appreciation for all that you are and do. But at least this gives me an opportunity to say how blessed I am to call you my dear friend. Your work, your humanity, and your example have made such a difference to me, and I am a better person for it.

    You are also one of the most welcoming and outgoing self-described introverts I know! Your stewardship of the annual workshops in New York sets a tone for the gathering that makes it a safe place to share our thoughts and deeds amidst a spirit of genuine fellowship.

    You and Evelin have led the forging of a remarkable group, one that models the values it proclaims (no small deed in this world) and encourages and gently challenges all of us to be caring agents for good. So here’s to many more birthdays surrounded by such wonderful people.

    Your friend in Boston,

  • Annette Anderson-Engler says:

    Dearest Linda,

    Where do I begin to share my deep gratitude, joy and heartfelt expressions of love for you? Perhaps I should begin by telling you a story, as you, my dear Linda, have become my story. – Once upon a time, a very loving, caring and compassionate woman entered my life. Perceiving my feelings of loneliness, she extended her arms of warmth and love to me as if, above all things, my human dignity and self-worth meant something. There I sat, alone, arms folded, body coiled, seemingly absent from myself and my place in the world. Yet, there she stood next to me with such unmovable presence that it caused me to peer up and look intently into her deep compassionate eyes. I still remember how she smiled at me and tilted her head to one side, then placing a tender finger along side her cheekbone, squinted, at look me with amazing wonder. I had never witnessed such beautiful light and illumination shine from one heart to another, as it did on that day. Then without hesitation or fear, she knelt down beside me and with a gentle hand, brushed my painful past out of the way so she could snuggled next to me and wrap herself around my heart, like a warm blanket on a cold and windy day. Suddenly, I rose up out of my ashes and blew away the dark dusty powders of hopelessness, which had once haunted me. Since then, this beautiful woman has walked with me along my journey of dignity, encouraging me to look up but most of all, to always look within. This person I speak of is you, my dear loving, beautiful, enchanting Linda. You, the ocean that calms my spirit in moments of turbulent times. You, the doves’ wings that cover my wounds of hurt that often go unspoken. You, the poetry that I speak when my words turn into whispers of music. Thoughts of your love and kindness lull my heart to sleep at night. I celebrate you my dear Linda on your birthday…I celebrate your gift of life. I celebrate you as the giver of life to so many of us who have been blessed to spend some small portion of our lives with you! Happy Birthday! ☺

  • Jingyi Dong says:

    Dear Linda:

    Congratulations!!! Happy birthday to you!!!

    And millions and millions of thanks for your endless effort and devotion for the cause of Human Dignity!

    You are 60 this year, so, according to Chinese Luna Calendar, you were born in the Year of Ram, which traditionally symbolizes Peace and Happiness. YOU bring peace and happiness to our world. May I wish that you will have peace and happiness, and have all the wonderful and beautiful things in the world!

    With warmest hugs!

    Jingyi Dong

  • Mark Singer says:

    Dearest Linda,

    Please accept my warmest wishes for the happiest birthday of your life.

    For perhaps it may be that turning 60 years old is a milestone and a fitting tribute.

    For if, at this special time, you might reflect back on your life, perhaps you may be joyful having achieved many exemplary academic contributions to young people as well as to your chosen academic and intellectual communities.

    And if you choose to look forward, perhaps you can see how your acquired wisdom is being perfectly applied to the sublime goals of increasing human dignity throughout the globe.

    So in closing, with these wonderful perspectives in mind, I’d also like to wish you the greatest celebration of your life – a life that is a very special and beautiful one!

    Sending you great love and admiration,

    Mark Singer

  • Phil Brown says:

    Dear Linda,

    As I think you know, I’ll always feel linked to you through our relationship with Don Klein. I would never have discovered Evelin and you if I hadn’t realized years after my doctoral studies that Don was the only true mentor I had ever had, and in reconnecting with him was somehow surprised that he welcomed the overture and was so gracious and personable in his own inimitable fashion. I know that Evelin could not have kept the breath of life energy flowing through the HDHS network without you, and that Don would see this as a wonderful affirmation of his own values and work that you have taken on such a pivotal role in supporting the network he formed with Evelin.

    Your embodiment of the values, attitudes and style of work that the HDHS represents are truly a model for us all. I appreciate so much the warmth and good-heartedness that you have always extended to me personally and to all those I see you touching with your upbeat appraisal of life’s opportunities to make a positive difference in the world. I wish that you ride this wave as far into your next decade as you want to, enjoying its fruit like you so richly deserve. Happy Birthday, my dear colleague and friend!

  • Judit Revesz says:

    Dearest Linda,
    We wish you to live for 120 years in good health, happiness, peace and love!
    You add such a wonderful appreciative voice to our HDHS network and to our global dignity family. I am grateful that I have been able to work with you and Evelin over past 14 years. I have learned a lot from you by observing how you co-facilitate our annual workshops at Columbia University every year.
    I also have to say that whenever I see you and Rick, I always think of Don Klein too. He is definitely with us.
    May we continue to nurture each other, grow and flourish together for many many years to come!
    Happy birthday!!!!
    With love,

  • Francisco Gomes de Matos says:

    On LINDA’s 60th birthday

    A rhymed reflection by Francisco Gomes de Matos, Recife, Brazil

    Dear LINDA,

    Blessedly, on December 30, 60 years old you will be
    Let’s rejoice and celebrate, for in your life there is so much dignifying beauty to see

    As a family member, exemplarily you have acted
    As an academic researcher, so much relevant relational work you directed

    To the Global Dignity Movement you have been inspiringly committed
    May more decades of Life to your personal agenda be admitted!

  • Alvin B. Coda says:

    Happiest, Linda!
    I’ve always been impressed and touched by your dedication to human dignity in all forms…. ever since I met you, singing together at the Portland Peace choir!
    May you live long, prosper, and promote humanity throughout the world!

  • Steven (Stevie) Moffic, M.D. says:

    Dearest Dignifying Linda,

    As a new traveller to the land of dignity, in other works, the Workshop last December in New York, I discovered a moderator and leader who treated everyone with importance and dignity. In other words, I encountered you.
    Although I am still learning about this brave new land, I look forward to entering this land of dignity as much as I can and helping to establish it wherever possible.
    Theories of moral development indicate that those of age 60 and above can enter a stage of universal ethics, that is, an ongoing concern for the well-being of all. Those who are successful at this stage of giving back are rare, but from my perspective you are already one of them.
    May the world have many more years of your dignifying presence.

    Best regards and well wishes,

    Steven (Stevie) Moffic

  • Dr. Rita Anita Linger says:

    Dearest Linda,
    You are indeed an authentic soul. Your beauty is palpable on both the inside and out. Your kindness,compassion and service to others qualifies you as an angel on earth. Your ability to treat all beings with dignity and respect is truly a testimony of your lifelong commitment to this work that is your passion. I am in a place of gratitude for knowing you and on occasion having the opportunity to spend a few days in your presence. Have a Happy and Joyous Birthday! Gassho (Bowing Deeply). Rita Anita Linger

  • Greg Jemsek says:

    Dear Linda,

    May your birthday be an occasion for joy, reflection, and intimacy with those closest to you!

    I’m really grateful that my person-to-person entry to Dignity was through you. Your generous spirit, your curiosity, and your humor put me at ease immediately, and even though we’ve not had a lot of contact, I already feel a sense of great trust in you.

    Have a wonderful launch to your next decade!

    Greg Jemsek

  • Dear Linda,
    You are a wonderful, inspiring beeing. The few times we have been together, I shall never forget. Thank you for your brave heart and love for Evelin. I recently wrote this song: Count yor blessings! And now I want to share the first lines with you. Happy birthday!

    When I am worried and I cannot sleep,
    I count my blessings instead of sheep.
    I watch those shadows fade away
    as I brighten my night with glimse of day.

    Secret treasure, simple pleasure
    live in the words of thank you
    I walk my mind to a blessed time
    by saying the words: Thank you.
    Arctic Queen

  • Hej Linda!
    Wow! You are 60 years Young! Brilliant! In no doubt you will continue to be a brilliant inspiration to the World, and the World of the WDU!
    Very best wishes from Rachel/Stockholm, Sweden.
    Xx 🙂

  • Mariana Vergara says:

    Dearest Linda!

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Thank you for the wonderful work you do to bring dignity to all… When I met you in 2010, I was impressed by your leadership full of love and compassion.

    Thank you for all your support to Evelin and our HDHS network. Thank you for your help and guidance when we began developing the World Dignity University Amazon rainforest Initiative, you are wonderful!

    Dearest Linda, wishing you happiness and peace today and every day of your life. You are a blessing to us and to the world!

    I send you a big hug with all my love!


  • Dear Linda
    From the first time we met at the HDHS winter conference at Columbia University many years ago you have been my bright guiding star pointing to the direction I had been seeking for a very long time, a direction you at that first meeting so clearly laid out for us all to follow.
    I am happy since then to have a small part in one of the greatest movements for change in the world today – the work for restoring the dignity of every human being and thereby regaining our own.


  • Veronica Fynn says:

    Dear Linda:
    How stunning you look! I still have fresh memories of meeting you in December 2009 at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College, as if it were only yesterday. For your 60th, I wish you the pleasantries of the world, the rivers, the oceans, the skies, the stars and beyond their horizons. May everlasting sunshine brightens your day and renew your paths to love, humility and dignity. I wish you true happiness and great joy.
    Much Love,

  • Ya'ir Ronen says:

    Dear Linda,
    To me, you and the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies network are one. Your contribution is of great value .I sense your deep commitment to Evelin Lindner and to the values she brings with her doing and being . Your selfless devotion to your work has deep love within it and is inspiring to me. It is rare to meet a researcher and helping professional of your human caliber. May you continue persuing your unique path together with Rick in great health and happiness,
    With deep respect and genuine warmth, Ya’ir

  • Selina Köhr says:

    Dear Linda,

    although we never met in person, you have touched my life in so many wonderful ways. I learnt so much from you through your publications, presentations and videos. THANK YOU for being such a brilliant, inspiring, dedicated, kind and caring person – a true beacon of dignity! Keep on shining!

    Dearest Linda, wishing you all the best on your 60th birthday and always!

    With all my love and appreciation


  • Seema Shekhawat, Debidatta Aurobinda Mahapatra says:

    Dear Linda,

    Celebrating birthday is, we believe, celebrating human life and god’s creation! On the occasion, we remember the day when we were born. We also remember joys and sorrows of past days. While with each passing birthday we become older, we also become more experienced, more appreciative of life and our surroundings. We also become cognizant of the worth of human life! That is what dignity is for us, and the association with you has taught us that. Human life is something that needs celebration. The worth of human life – the primordial worth – is something that transcends religion, race, color, geographical boundaries and so many other divisions, which the crafty human mind has created, and which in turn has contributed to the complexity of life. A life without complexity, a life without divisions, is something worth celebrating. For us your life exemplifies this simplicity, the human life that is dignified and pure.

    You transcend the boundaries created by human mind and that makes you Dignity personified. And when we look at you, we remain content that despite thousands storms there is calm, despite intense darkness there is dawn, and despite narrowness of human mind there is illumination and dignity. In fact more we try to elaborate, the more we feel that it is difficult. The essence – you are a wonderful human being. The presence of you in Dignifamily not only dignifies the family, but also holds great promise for our family and its future.

    We have learnt a lot from you! You welcomed us to the Dignifamily! We are not as active as you are and many other members, but despite our remoteness you always welcomed us. Whenever, yes we appreciate that, whenever we write to you, and ask for your suggestions, advices, you never faltered to respond. We cherish that.

    These are some of our wishes on your birthday. You remain healthy for hundred years, and even more, to keep guiding and enlightening us. You and Evelin are the key pillars of our building, and for the strength and resilience of our building, we want you to remain healthy and dynamic for many more years. We wish we remain more connected, and more engaged to build strong networks of Dignity around the world so that there are no traces of humiliation. There is a strong belief in our heart that though we do not meet each other frequently, we are connected in heart and soul.

    We believe that living dignity is something which we all need to practice in our daily lives. In fact, dignity should be our way of life – our lives should be our messages. You are following this principle and we are following you. We promise to walk with you and other members of our Dignifamily to make the world a better place for all of us, for all human beings.

    We wish you a very Happy Birthday!

    Seema and Aurobinda

  • Anna Strout says:

    Dearest Linda: There are not enough words to explain how profoundly and positively your transformative model of leadership has shaped the world in which we live. You have imbued all of our lives with dignity. You have listened to us, made it possible for us to learn from each other, and taught us how to collectively fight humiliation and oppression. Your example has shown us how to dignify and uplift the spaces in which we live, work and play. You and Evelin have formed a global community and family that we are all so honored and lucky to be a part of. I hope your 60th year is filled with delight and daring. Lovingly, Anna

  • Dear Linda: We thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the Human Dignity Network with dear Evelin. Humans like you are rare in our world. We salute you for your achievements, which are substantial. Have a great birthday with your family.

  • Avi Shahaf says:

    Dear Linda
    It’s my pleasure to send you a few words regarding your 60 birthday.
    I met you personally only once, five years ago, but your presence was so impressive that it seems to me that we know each other for decades.
    Dear Linda, your eyes reflect your wisdom, your sensitivity and your authenticity.
    You talk from the deepness of your heart about human dignity, your expressions are so clear and meaningful, your vision is so touching!
    I’m looking forward to meet you and to be inspired from you and from who you are
    Avi Shahaf

  • Morton Deutsch says:

    Dearest Linda,
    Happy birthday!! And best wishes for many more.
    When I first met you many years ago,I was very impressed by your intelligence, good-humor, common sense, effectiveness,and charm. After knowing you for many years, I can say that you have more than lived up to my first impression.
    Without you and Evelin, the Society would never have been able to do all the important work that it has been doing. Work that clearly deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.
    With my respect and affection,
    Mort Deutsch

  • Brian Ward says:

    Dear Linda

    Big hugs for a Happy 60th birthday!
    To me you are the Queen of Appreciation!
    Nearly ten years ago Evelin invited me to join with Human DHS and since then I have broadened my horizon immensely in the understanding of all that can be good about human relationships. Without doubt you have been instrumental in confirming my feelings of the power of appreciative actions and thoughts and how these can transform the world.
    It was truly wonderful that you, Rick, Evelin, Uli, Brigitte, and others came to New Zealand in 2011 and shared with us everything Human DHS. Do you know that the ‘unconference’ concept is spreading in NZ?
    Also Mary and I so enjoyed our visit with you in Portland in 2014 and to see the birds, the gardens, the trees and the ocean.
    Best wishes from New Zealand!

  • francisco gomes de matos says:

    Dear Linda,

    Spiritually, let me give you 60 hugs, one per year of your extremely-well lived presence on Earth. May I add that this is also to thank you for your sustained contributions to the HDHS community and to the globally inspiring World Dignity University initiative. Love your insights on relational friendship.
    Lots of health and peace to you and yours.
    Sunniest 61+

  • David Bargal says:

    Dear Linda’
    Congratulations for your birthday. Happy more productive and intensive years in the service of a very central cause to human survival.
    Especially during these very violent and irrational times your clear and coherent voice that advocates the honoring of humanity and the preservation of its dignity plays a very important role in society. Your utmost dedication of yourself to the Human dignity and Humiliation institute is much appreciated and we thank you from the bottom of our heart.
    Love and appreciation, David Bargal.

  • Fonkem Achankeng I says:

    Originally from a culture which considers age as a special blessing, Patience and I would like to wish you every happiness on this very special birthday. Happy 60th Birthday! May God almighty provide you very good health, a greater vision and more wisdom as you continue to lead Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies work. Many more years of happiness and hard work.

  • Claudia Maffettone says:

    Dear Linda,
    Happy happy Birthday!! So sorry I won’t be there to celebrate with you and the others at the HDH Conference, but I know it will be wonderful and that you’ll be fully celebrated!
    Keep up your bright, joyous smile and keep spreading love as music in the air!
    Hoping to see you soon, cheers to you! 🙂

  • Tony Gaskew says:

    Your contribution to dignity, respect, and compassion as a “way of life” has bettered the human experience. Your 60 years on this planet has been a wonderful blessing for all living beings. Happy Birthday!
    Best wishes,
    Tony Gaskew

  • Linda,
    When I think of you and listen to you speak I am reminded of a prose I read that reminds me of you… “A flower does not have to do anything to be of service, it only has to be a flower. That is enough. A human being is enough to make the whole world rejoice”. You are by your very nature a flower, a giver of love, compassion and wisdom. Through your nature, your inner knowing and empathy, you are able to alter the day someone is having – they see the flower and are transformed….your essence is one of fragrant kindness. So grateful you share yourself so deeply with others and so happy you share this planet with me. Gassho, Rita Anita

  • Michelle Brenner says:

    Happy Birthday Linda,
    We have an understanding in Jewdaism that on a person’s birthday they are designated special specific energy, a burst of divine grace, just like at birth, an incredible gift of life, of power. On this day and the few days that come after the birthday, wishes that come from you and are given to you connect to this extra power, therefore are more likely to reach their destination of reality.
    Linda, in Spanish means beautiful. You are beautiful, inside and outside. I pray that you maintain good health, that your husband sustains good health and so together you are able to have many more years ahead to touch peoples lives, to contribute your many talents and gifts and that you should feel the satisfaction in your heart and soul of a good life. I am grateful for meeting you and spending the time we did in New Zealand. I thank you also for keeping me in the loop of research and opportunities that have inspired me and made my life so much more the richer.

    Thank you and may you be blessed with all your heart desires.
    love Michelle from Sydney Australia

  • Carol Smaldino says:

    Dear Linda,
    I wish you a beautiful and inspiring birthday.
    As I read the other wishes to you, I am reminded of meeting you and Evelin and other participants at a conference in New York some five years ago. It was with mixed feelings: where was I to fit in, or feel any relevance or belonging with people so positive and loving, given my own bent for rebellion, and for looking and feeling the darker aspects of life, even daring to think they are crucial to our growth.
    You welcomed me, along with dear Evelin, not only with open arms but with real enthusiasm, and real appreciation. I was scared this would be a cult of niceness, but it is no cult for one. And you have seemed to espouse truth way more than niceness for its own sake.
    I thank you for the above, and for your many contributions to the field of human dignity and to the study of humiliation.
    Love, Carol

  • Gabriela Saab says:

    Dear Linda, Happy Birthday! It is your birthday but we are the ones who receive the gift of your presence!
    The world is a better place with you and I will never forget your kind eyes and lovely smile!
    Many, many hugs!!!!
    Gaby (Brazil)!

  • Dearest Linda,

    Have a wonderful! wonderful! birthday dearest Linda.
    I’m SO grateful that you’re work reached me … here far south … and what a difference it made. Not just for me but also for the many people I could share it with.
    You have blessed life with your love Linda … and the world is a better place for that.
    With much appreciation and great respect,
    Hélène 🙏🏼👣🌾

  • Linda, It has been such a joy to get to know you. From my first time at HDHS (2006), you made me feel like a family member and it has been so enriching on so many levels to spend time with you, knowing that, even tho we see each other only once a year, we are in each others’ lives daily. I look forward to our meetings all year long and can’t wait til we connect again in 2 weeks. My life is so much more full since we met.

    Happy birthday, and many many many more.
    With love and gratitude,
    Michael Perlin

  • Dearest Linda
    On a cold snowy December morning many years ago I found my way to Upper Manhattan and Teachers College, Columbia University to hear a lecture that was to open my eyes, inspire my soul and change my life aims forever:
    Your gripping talk on human dignity.

  • George Chidiebere Iheanacho says:

    Dear Linda,
    Those who work tirelessly to make our world a dignified, equal and peaceful place will never lack same. You have spent part of your life promoting Human Dignity in an effort to end humiliation globally, you have shown in words and actions that collective/global dignity is more than anything else. It is the path to global understanding, respect, appreciation and peace in the world.
    Therefore, on your 60th Birthday, we the global family of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies stand with our founding president, Evelin Lindner, MD, PhDs to honour you with HDHS lifetime award. You deserves it all.
    Happy Birthday , May the global community know you are one of us.
    George Chidiebere Iheanacho

  • Magnus Haavelsrud says:

    Dear Linda! Let me also join this big chorus in wishing you happy birthday! – and a long time so you can help us all in practicing your ideas of good communicative relations in which we can learn from each other in dealing with the challenges facing us. The tools are here but they need to be used for transcending our difficulties -not for reinforcing them and even creating new fragmentations and divisions. Hope to be with you in years to come in this work! Magnus

  • Linda,
    I am a newcomer to HDHS, as you know, but I felt so welcomed in my initial inquiries and correspondence with Uli, Evelin, and you. And then I was tickled pink to learn you were right around the corner from home. Meeting you in person was such fun! I had the feeling then, and do still, that we are kindred spirits and I would learn so much from you as days unfolded. Yes! A 60th birthday is a lovely “reflect” point. May it be a time of recognizing and feeling deeply the gift you are to Life, and that your work and welcome and spirit touch so many. Happy Birthday and Congratulations! Kathy

  • Connie Dawson says:

    Dearest Linda,

    Since meeting you, I’ve experienced with pleasure the appreciative inquiry you wear like a glove. I feel accepted, valued and encouraged in your presence.

    Your style of respectful, warm, and flowing leadership is a privilege to experience. Thank you for how you’ve brought your gifts, values, belief system(s), and dedication to the work of HDHS. It is the most necessary consiousness-raising endeavor of our time.

    Happy Birthday and congratulations on receiving your well-deserved award.

    With great affection,
    Connie Dawson

  • David Y. F. Ho says:

    A birthday message for Linda on her 60th birthday

    “With yuan, we come to meet from a thousand miles apart.
    Without yuan, we pass each other by face-to-face.”
    (Yuan is a Chinese word that means predestined affinity.)

    This is the first birthday message I have ever written to someone I have never met. But it is not so strange, for your karma of dignity has already made itself felt among sentient beings, including your dignifriend-to-be David.

    Blessed be Linda, a year younger and wiser.

    David Y F Ho
    25 Nov 2015

  • Grace Feuerverger says:

    Dear Linda,
    with all my warmest wishes for a very healthy and joyful 60th birthday — and many, many more!
    I miss you and wish I could have been there to celebrate with you in person.
    But I will be there in spirit and will raise a glass here in your honour.
    Much love,

  • Ambassador Shahid Kamal says:

    Dear Linda,
    I send you my warmest greetings and all good wishes on your 60th birthday.
    I have not had the pleasure of meeting you as yet but I know from dear Evelin about your enormous contribution in promoting a more dignified world.
    The impressive work you have done for human dignity across the globe and your untiring efforts to set up the World Dignity University are indeed impressive and inspiring.
    Your enduring commitment and generous spirit are a source of great strength to us in the global dignity movement.
    And heartiest congratulations on receiving the award which you truly deserve.
    On the wonderful occasion of your 60th birthday I wish you lots of happiness, good health and enduring success in your noble endeavors.
    Hoping to meet you soon.
    With much admiration and respect.

  • Jean-Damascène Gasanabo says:

    Dear Linda,
    It is my pleasure to send you this message at the occasion of your 60th birthday. Since we met, you have been inspiring to me. Your smile, your love, your dedication to human dignity transformed those who were honored to meet with you. The dignity of each human being should be real and you fight for it.
    I wish you a happy birthday with long-lasting memorials that you will cherish during many years to come. May hope, peace, joy and happiness come across with you and your family!

  • Jane Wambui says:

    Dearest Linda,

    Greetings and admiration from Kenya and South Sudan, thank you for your great work and helping make this world a better place. Happy Birthday dear Linda and May you continue spreading your light to the universe.

    We love you!

  • Karen Hirsch says:

    Dear Linda,

    You and your beautiful presence contribute warmth, love and calm to every space I’ve shared with you. This and everything you bring to your work are healing for our beloved and sorely challenged world.

    I wish you a joyous Birthday and a life filled with love, creativity and good health.


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