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November 2009
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We warmly welcome you to "Take a Look," the new e-publication of the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies network (HumanDHS; http://humiliationstudies.org).

Please let us remind you: HumanDHS is a global transdisciplinary fellowship of concerned academics and practitioners who strive to promote dignity and transcend humiliation. We wish to stimulate systemic change, globally and locally, that allows mutual respect and esteem to take root and grow, thus ending humiliating practices and breaking cycles of humiliation throughout the world.

Our website is being accessed by up to 40,000 people per year from 180 countries. The dramatic growth of the network has inspired us to find a new, eco-friendly, format for sharing the latest news.

This message is intended to give you an opportunity to personally reconnect with us. Since this is a new endeavor, we warmly invite you to send us your comments.

We hope you enjoy this fresh look at our collaborative efforts!  Most of all, we hope this publication will inspire and encourage your next steps of involvement with the HumanDHS community!
With warm appreciation!
Evelin Lindner and Linda Hartling
Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies

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Good News! 2009 Peace Prize
Upcoming Workshop in New York
Our Memorable Conference in Hawaii

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Good News! Evelin Lindner Accepts 2009 Peace Award for HumanDHS

On the 21st of June, Fo
HDHS bannerunding President Evelin Lindner accepted the Norwegian 2009 "Prisoner's Testament Peace Award" on behalf of the entire HumanDHS network!

Each year, Aktive Fredsreiser - Travel for Peace - awards the Fangenes Testamente (The Prisoner's Testament) to spotlight individuals and organizations that have contributed to peace-making processes and to conflict resolution.

The award is given to those who have shown exceptional efforts to convey knowledge of conflict or peace-building processes in a way that is understandable to most people. The desire and hope is that the award will inspire and encourage others to share their knowledge examining sources of conflict and conflict resolution. 

The HumanDHS network joins Evelin Lindner in celebrating this special recognition! 

Upcoming 2009 Workshop on Humiliation and Violent Conflict - New York City

NYC 2008
We are looking forward to our 2009 Workshop on Humiliation and Violent Conflict!

This workshop is the 14th Annual HumanDHS Conference and the sixth Workshop on Humiliation and Violent Conflict at Columbia University in New York, December 10-11, 2009. It is a continuation of the 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 workshops (photograph from the 2008 workshop).

Since 2004, HumanDHS has invited selected scholars, counselors, conflict resolution practitioners, mediators, teachers, and other professionals for a two-day workshop to explore the interaction between conflict and emotions. In these workshops we probe the role of humiliation in violent conflict and consider new possibilities for effective negotiations, diplomacy, public policy, and social change.

We are pleased to note that this year's program is fully enrolled, yet everyone is warmly welcome to attend the Public Event, Thursday, December 10, from 5:00-8:00 PM, in the Milbank Chapel at Columbia University, Teachers College.

We are deeply grateful to Alan B. Slifka and the Slifka Foundation for their generous ongoing support of this program!  We also appreciate the special support of SIPA (Center for International Conflict Resolution), and the ICCCR (International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution) as part of the Columbia University Conflict Resolution Network (CU-CRN).

Our Memorable 13th Annual HumanDHS Conference in Hawaii!

Our 13th Annual HuHDHS bannermanDHS Conference, "World Peace through Humiliation-Free Global Human Interactions," was unique in that it took place in Hawaii, a nation incorporated into another nation against its will.

The 21st of August 2009 (day two of our conference) marked the fiftieth anniversary of President Dwight D. Eisenhower signing the Proclamation for Hawaii to become a State of the United States. This is a controversial anniversary because native Hawaiians consider the annexation an illegal overthrow of their monarchy. This is another example of anniversary celebrations being perceived as profoundly humiliating by those who were disenfranchised.

Through Kristabelle Munson
we had the unexpected privilege of witnessing the solemn chanting marking the date of this humiliation and we met with Yuklin Aluli, Attorney at Law, and Kau'i N. Burgess, both part of the Hawai'i Pono'i Coalition. In addition, Kristabelle introduced us to the captivating music of the Mahalohalo Kolintang Ensemble and the sounds of Hawaiian "slack key guitar," as heard in the healing music of Makana.

The year's conference presentations explored a richly diverse range of topics, including awareness of cultural assumptions, sources of respect, dignity in
educational settings, the relational dynamics of humiliation, the humiliation of poverty, creating nonkilling societies, and pathways to peace. Furthermore, the showing of "Money as Debt," a film created by Paul Grignon, stimulated dialogue about the urgent need to transform maligned economic systems that lead to humiliating practices.

A special thank you goes to our host Dharm P. S. Bhawuk, Professor of Management and Culture and Community Psychology, Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii.  We are deeply grateful for his efforts!  Also, thank you to the entire HumanDHS community who contributed - in person and in spirit - to this uniquely memorable experience!!

Read more and view the wonderful photos taken by Evelin and others in the HumanDHS Newsletter No. 13
You are also invited to download a special photo album of conference highlights!

Global Education

Our vision is to make HumanDHS education free and accessible to individuals and communities around the world.  Inspired by the work of our members, we are delighted to announce our new Global Education Fund. The Fund has three key goals:
  • Develop innovative, accessible e-learning programs.
  • Provide scholarships to individuals who would otherwise not be able to participate in HumanDHS programs.
  • Create educational materials, tools, and resources for individuals, groups, and communities around the world.
We welcome your comments and participation in this new initiative!
You are warmly invited to become a Founding Sharegiver!  ----  You are warmly invited to become a Founding Careholder!

HumanDHS LogoWe are looking forward to welcoming many of you to our Workshop on Humiliation and Violent Conflict in December! You are also warmly invited to join us for our 15th Annual HumanDHS Conference in Istanbul, Turkey!

Thank you for everything you do to create a world of equal dignity for all!

Linda & Evelin
Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies

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