Thursday, June 5 in NYC: Innovative Community-Based Responses to Conflict: The Promise of the Humanness Model

forwarded announcement from ACR-GNY:

John Jay College of Criminal Justice: 899 Tenth Avenue, Room 630, NYC
Thu, June 05, 2014, 8:00 AM

The Association for Conflict Resolution
of Greater New York
The CUNY Dispute Resolution Center at John Jay… Continue reading

March 15, NYC: “Singers in the Band”

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A Screening and Symposium on Military Sex Trafficking

Organized by the International Institute on Peace Education and the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders, with the support of the Biosophical Institute

March 15, 2014

11:30 AM… Continue reading

Solidarity for Dan Baron’s Cultural Education Project in the Amazon

Dear all,

please read the following message by our friend Dan Baron from the Amazon rainforest. Our support is urgently needed.

With kind regards,


Hi Evelin, Kjell and Uli!
How are you all? You know this story and… Continue reading

Films for Human Rights Educators

I found this message from 2012 from Jan Künzl, which I want to share with you all:

Dear Human Rights Educators

Last year, we produced a short animated video clip which gives an overview about Human Rights. Since the video… Continue reading

Film: A Path to Dignity – The Power of Human Rights Education

Dear all,

I recommend to watch this film, freely available at It was jointly produced by Human Rights Education Associates (HREA), Soka Gakkai International (SGI), and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights… Continue reading

Bankers and the Neuroscience of Greed

Another article from 2012 which is important still today:


Researchers at Tilburg University showed that people made to feel more powerful cheated more when they believed themselves to be unobserved. Power also made ordinary people more hypocritical… Continue reading

Free Will? NYT Review of Book by Sam Harris

Have It Your Way
July 13, 2012

By Sam Harris
83 pp. Free Press. Paper, $9.99.

For centuries, the question of free will — of whether human beings make choices that are not, or… Continue reading

NYT article: “Compassion Made Easy”, by David de Steno

Dear friends,

I’d like to share an excerpt from this New York Times article from July 14, 2012:

“ALL the major religions place great importance on compassion. Whether it’s the parable of the
good Samaritan in Christianity, Judaism’s “13 attributes… Continue reading

NYT Book Review: “College”, by Andrew Delbanco

Dear friends,

this book is from 2012, but it still caught my attention: Michael S. Roth’s NYT review of the book

COLLEGE – What It Was, Is, and Should Be

By Andrew Delbanco

229 pp. Princeton University Press. $24.95.

Excerpt… Continue reading

International ICT Seagulls Project

Dear friends,

please have a look at the proposal by our friend Hayal Köksal, copied below.

With kind regards,


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